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Official Portal Games Topic

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1 Official Portal Games Topic on 23rd April 2011, 3:08 pm



Their Mistake Story Manager

Their Mistake Story Manager
First topic message reminder :

Well, just got back and installed my copy of Portal 2, and I love it so far. Just one thing, since it runs on Steam, in the event of an apocalypse and the internet goes out, I can't play it. Tongue

If DH or Rigs want to hook up for some MP games, I'm free on weekends 'cause it's almost summer!

26 Re: Official Portal Games Topic on 16th August 2011, 2:44 pm




Also, I'm free for any MP. I haven't even touched it yet =/


Cleverbot: Do you like Pinkie Pie?
User: I hate ponies.
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27 Re: Official Portal Games Topic on 18th August 2011, 8:26 pm



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member

I liek

got Steam. Wink




Have liek

$35 dollars


I can


Buy Portal 2. Wink

'Nuff said.


The Grand Creation...

28 Re: Official Portal Games Topic on 18th August 2011, 11:27 pm



Their Mistake Story Manager

Their Mistake Story Manager
I'm now going around trying to get all SP and MP achievements for Portal 2(I have the guide to help meh Wink ) and it turns out I was playing with Lunekk today and he hadn't played MP AT ALL lol, and I decided to play the final level with him, since I'de beaten the game. Once we beat it, I got the coveted Professor Portal achievement, which only unlocks once you complete the game with someone with no MP XP... so I cheated a bit, meh. Happy day for me. Smile



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