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The Guard Tower

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1 The Guard Tower on 15th June 2011, 6:07 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
Post approved profiles here.

My Profiles

Name: Kellin Vantas
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Mahiki
Appearance: Typical Toa of Sonics; grey and white, with slight black streaks throughout armor
Powers: Sonics
Abilities: Extremely charming, fast, strong. Skilled with almost all weapons.
Equipment: None
Personality: Charming, yet dangerous. Kellin is a bounty hunter, formerly a sniper for a hit squad, and he's very patient. He has great aim with most weapons. He can be friendly, but only just; he's very good at spotting one wrong word.
Bio: Not much is known about Kellin. Not to say the Dark Hunters haven't tried, but he's like a ghost. Many stories float around the criminal underworld about him, each more ridiculous than the last. Some is said to leave no treace of his kills, while some also said he has never missed a single shot. Still others maintain the Order of Mata Nui and Dark Hunters actually ALLIED to have him put in Hagah Maxiumum Security after he murdered an Order agent. He was one of the initial planners and leaders of the escape plan.

Name: Dorian Shaddix
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Hau (formerly, destroyed by Kellin); Kakama
Appearance: Black armor, red mask. Dark blue eyes. Remarkably handsome, as though crafted from stone. Perfect physique.
Powers: Elemental fire power.
Abilities: Great aim with weapons, and perfect at finding an enemy's weak points. Very analytical.
Equipment: Two daggers, two pistols, sniper rifle, experimental shotgun (formerly, looted by Kellin and given to Cipher); Lancer, pistol.
Personality: During his jobs, he's calm and collected. When he's not, however, he's friendly, quirky, funny, and a kind soul to any who need help. He's had bad experiences with his family in the past, and if someone has any sort of familial troubles, he will stay with you until the very end.
Bio: Not much is really known about Dorian, since Vezok had all evidence of his past erased upon entering his employment. He serves as one of Vezok's best lieutanents in the field, and is often called in when something needs to be done that the Piraka can't handle himself. Like finding, capturing, and killing one of the leaders of a prison riot.

Name: Feyrren Iilrath
Gender: Male
Species: Vortixx
Appearance: Black Vortixx, tall and lithe.
Powers: None.
Abilities: He's very good with his hands, able to make equipment out of almost anything.
Equipment: Slight armor he's crafted for himself, dagger, and pistol.
Personality: Fun-loving and mischievious, with an air of aloofness about him. He's a jokester, straight down to the core.
Bio: He was a weaponmaker's apprentice whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was paid a large sum of widgets to drop off a package for a friend of his, and when he dropped it off, he found himself busted by the Dark Hunters, who thought the poor weaponmaker was his friend. He rotted away for 10 years, trying to tell anyone he could of his innocence, but he never got the chance to be free, as his appeal was scheduled further and further back. Until now...

Name: Jasik A'ranthee
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Fire/Shadow
Kanohi: Kadin
Appearance: Tall and bulky, with a physique built on the unconscious bodies of thousands of drunks and deadbeats across the universe. He wears thick black over a bright red body. He wears studs across his armor, so if anyone lands a punch, they will tear their own knuckles apart in doing so.
Powers: Fire, including the sub-power Heat.
Abilities: Anything related to Fire.
Equipment: Ball-and-chain, two pistols with custom-laser scopes attached.
Personality: Cocky, sarcastic, and darkly moody. He's oversure of his abilities, which, while great, are not as cracked up as he likes to think they are.
Bio: Jasik was a punk street fighter from Metru Nui. He spent his nights getting drunk and into fights, then spent his mornings licking his wounds. This cycle kept on going for a couple hundred years until about a year before the fall of the city, when he fought off a Dark Hunter who took him for a Toa Mangai and went to take him out of commission. The Dark Hunters immediately recruited him as an enforcer, and he skyrocketed up the ranks of the Hunters until a falling out with the Shadowed One himself. He joined the Brotherhood of Makuta, who at the time were anxious for information on their bounty hunter enemies. After a bad experiment with a Shadow Leech that sucked away part of his natural light and gave him the Elemental Power of Shadow, Jasik's first assignment was to do recon with a small crew of Brotherhood-recruited bounty hunters who were being sent to a Dark Hunter prison island. Cocky as he is, he never bothered to assume that it could also be his last...

Name: Jakobiy Reordin
Gender: Male
Species: Ko-Matoran
Kanohi: Huna
Appearance: Tall, lithe, lightly armored. Has a dagger at each thigh, both charged with electricity, and a thin projectile weapon of his own design on his back. Layer of cloth covering him, and underneath that, a layer of protosteel over his actual body. Black is his secondary color, instead of grey.
Powers: None.
Abilities: Can breathe both air and water due to pit mutagen.
Equipment: Two electrically-charged daggers, Patriot Mk II submachine gun, an upgrade from the gun he designed in The Forsaken.
Personality: Cold, sarcastic, mistrustful.
Bio: Reordin was a Ko-Matoran blacksmith in a small settlement on Voya Nui, and after the island's sinking, he stayed optimistic. As things started to get worse, though, he began to lose hope. The poor Matoran regained his faith during the time of the Mahri's coming, and he remained happy for a while. After The Infection struck, however, he was left disillusioned with the world, and swore that he would destroy whatever was responsible. After an attack on a fortress his group was staying at, he managed to find an underground tunnel leading into the Cord, and he escaped onto the surface, eventually finding his way to Xia, where he worked as a weaponsmith. He's held a grudge against the Dark Hunters for releasing the virus, and after the Hagah Prisonbreak, he decided he would come and support the prisoners just to stick it to the mercenaries.

Name: Castor Troy
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Skinny and anemic. Rather handsome, with brilliant blue eyes and a charming grin. Leather sheath that holds a beautifully crafted sword with a lapiz lazuli (a stone corresponding with luck) built into a gilded hilt.
Element: Air
Kanohi: Kualsi
Powers: Air powers, including Vacuum.
Abilities: Born leader, smart, tactical genius, and charming.
Weakness(es): Rather cocky.
Weapons and Equipment: Two pistols and sword.
Personality: He's charming, flamboyant, free-spirited, and intellectual. A born leader, with philosophical bursts that can draw in people to lead him to the gates of heck and back. He is driven in the most dangerous kind of way, willing to die or kill in order to meet his end goals.
Bio: Castor Troy was a kid from the streets of Dorian's home island, and the two were pretty close friends until twenty years ago, when Dorian fell out of touch with the rest of his friends. Castor spent time in and out of jail for various crimes with various degrees of guilt attached before a year ago, when he decided to take freelance bounty hunting jobs. He came to Hagah seeking a bit of adventure, but he arrived just in time to be a part of something a hella lot bigger than that.


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2 Re: The Guard Tower on 16th June 2011, 10:35 am




Name: Amorian (Amor for short)
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: Powerless great kakama
Appearance: An average sized matoran, Amorian is dark red, underlaid with brown. He wears four rather large plates of armor - two cuisses and two spaulders. Several secret compartments - now empty - that he used to hold throwing knives, money, and whatever else he needed.
Powers: None.
Abilities: Amorian is extremely quick and agile, and simply revels in fighting massive opponents, who he prides himself in being able to run circles around, under, and on top of. He is a skilled knife thrower, although he can use any throwing weapon in a pinch.
He wears four rather large plates of armor - two cuisses and two spaulders. Several secret compartments - now empty - that he used to hold throwing knives, money, and whatever else he needed.
Personality: Amorian is quite the character. Impulsive, hot tempered, but honorable, he often jokes about having the special ability to make enemies by the thousand.
Bio: Amorian has a long history involving toa. On his home island, a group of toa strictly enforced the laws. Needless to say, Amorian clashed with them, beginning his hatred of toa. His desire to pop the massive egos of the island's defenders resulted him in actually attacking one, and being exiled. He left with a shrug and a grin, cheerily waving farewell to that island.
His troubles were far from over. On every island he came to, there was usually some puffed up toa living there. By this time Amorian had become a skilled knifethrower, and was able to fend for himself a bit. In the end, he was arrested on a toa ruled island after 'murdering' one of the toa (If you ask Amorian to this day, he will state that the toa had assaulted him first) and sent Hagah.


Name: Einhver
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: Powerless Noble Ruru
Einhver is Biomechanical, he is a general Matoran shape, and he wears a Kanohi. That's about where his similarities to the Matoran race pretty much ends. Underlaid by dark blue armor, many parts of Einhver's armor have been replaced with hardened leather plates. Such armor includes the pauldron, vambrace, breastplate, cuisse, and greaves.
Powers: None.
Abilities: Although not an athlete, Einhver's mind is keen. He is a thinker and a planner, although given more to speech then action.
Equipment: Leather armor, a short, but rather heavy, and extremely tough, staff.
Personality: Reserved at first, Einhver is not given much to talk with those he is unfamiliar with. Intolerant, he has little kindness to show to anyone given to laziness, drunkenness, theft, murder, and stupidity, to mention but a few. He gets very strong first impressions, which he changes only slowly.
Bio: A philosopher and thinker Einhver spent much of his time condemning Mata Nui on the small southern island where he had lived. He was not one for tact, and loudly condemned both Mata Nui and the island's inhabitant's habit of worshiping the Great spirit. It was common for him to be seen at any ttemple or gathering of the followers of Mata Nui, condemning them and their beliefs.
A limit was reached at last, and several of the resident toa reached the breaking point; breaking into Einhver's home, beating him within an inch of his life, and making him 'vanish'. Things were suspected, but no one really cared. Einhver had been an annoyance, they were simply glad he was gone. If one of them had knpown that Einhver had been imprisoned for life on Hagah, they would have smiled and went back to whatever they had been doing.

After a nuke was set off on Hagah, Einhver died in the blast.


Name: Ataz
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kakama
Appearance: A short slim toa, a head shorter than average. His armor is closefitting, with both almost complete free movement and almost total silence - the armor is padded on the outside to prevent any possible clanking. It is impossible to tell his element by his appearance; Ataz is a chameleon; his armor, default a mottled green and brown, automatically shifts shape to match his surroundings, and he can change it's color mentally as well.
Powers: Ataz is a toa of iron, and wields his power fairly well. He also has the speed power of his Kakama.
Abilities: Ataz is an assassin, and although he shirks the term ninja, it could easily apply to him. Light, fast on his feet, and skilled in stealth, Ataz is able to infiltrate almost any location. He is an expert archer, skilled in hand to hand combat, and throwing weapons.
Equipment: Ataz carries a small recurve bow which, despite it's small size, carries a good 70 pount draw weight. He carries a small quiver of extra ones about at times, and their abilities range from exploding arrows, to his energy draining arrows. For close combat, he wears a pair of long, retractable wristblades. As well as those he carries a half dozen throwing knives, as well as a grappling hook gun.
Personality: Ataz is quiet for the most part. His sense of humor begins at irony and sarcasm and ends there. He isn't the most trusting person, and if he suspects that someone is going to betray him, said person will most likely end up with some sharp object in his/her back.
Bio: Ataz's first memories - should you encounter the miracle of him disclosing them - are of his life as a young Matoran on Stelt. Blessed by Mata Nui with great endurance, he took quickly to a life of robbery and murder, and always prided himself in the fact that - although he would never made even the slightest mention of this - he could lead an enraged victim on a merry chase halfway across the island without breaking a sweat.
After perhaps a hundred years of this, he got in luck. One of his more harder cases produced one of the best possible results. It wasn't easy to defeat an experienced Toa, let alone pinch the newly made toa stone he had been holding, but Ataz had done it. It seemed that Mata Nui, in his utter madness, had blessed the young assassin even more; for Ataz was transformed into a toa. Perhaps, those on the island who knew of him said, this was all for the best. For quite suddenly, Ataz vanished. It was rumored that he had taken the first boat away from Stelt.
He returned years later, and his menace was increased tenfold. He was a stunted toa, and one's first reaction would be to sneer and mark him as an easy target.
After the first three of those had quickly received a wristblade punch through the heart, this opinion was discarded. Ataz resumed his old life, but with a large difference. He did it with utter contempt, and even boredom. With his powers, it had become child's play. So he moved to a currently more profitable venture. Tension was growing between the warlords of the island, and as he had realized, there wasn't a single one of them that didn't have an enemy that he would be happy to have bumped off. Ataz eagerly sprang to the task - for a price of course. By this time, his reputation had been growing steadily as the toa calmly defeated both his victims guards, the victim, and sometimes even the other mercenaries and Dark Hunters that he had competed with.
Now he is on another job, one of a much different sort. The pay is high, but the risk is pretty big.
After all, one can't expect to be ordered to beat up forty or so hardened criminals and NOT get a scratch.
Look out prisoners of Hagah; to heck with a few Skakdi. Ataz is here.


Name: Moka
Gender: Male.
Species: Vortixx
Kanohi: None.
Appearance: Moka is, to put it simply, bizarre. Hardly anyone would ever think of him as a vortixx. Standing a few heads taller then a toa, Moka is far less mechanical then any other member of his species - an estimated 40-50% mechanical. His face is almost humanoid, with bright yellow eyes shining out from his deep green skin. He wears a long coat that reaches almost to his ankles. His mechanical parts are all armored, and he wears a pauldron over his coat, covering his neck and shoulders, as well as the top of his body. He wears a leather belt slung over his right shoulder, and crossing his chest to end at the left side of his waist. He has several canisters of bolts clipped on, and a one handed axe is attached it it as well. To top this all off, he wears what is probably his best form of defense, his hat. More correctly, his helmet. At first it appears to be a massive round shield balanced on top of his head. A closer inspection reveals something far more. The hat is made out of pure protosteel, making it almost totally impervious to any attack. it's edges are razor sharp, making it a deadly throwing weapon. It is massive, with a diameter of almost three feet.
For a better description of Moka's pauldron, face, coat, build and hat, see here.
Powers: None.
Abilities: Moka is an excellent athlete, and makes even the most agile Vortixx look like a bumbling hulk beside him. He is extremely agile and fast, as well axs possessing quite good strength, and great stamina. He is an excellent shot with his crossbow, even though with it's abilities he could have easily used it as a spray and pray weapon. He is, on top of this, quite skilled in hand to hand fighting.
Equipment: Moka wields what would for him be a nice, one handed axe, which he can use with either one or two hands. It is about three and a half to four feet long, and would be a two handed weapon for any toa. His primary weapon however, is his crossbow, a highly mechanized weapon, which he can wield with either one or two hands. The crossbow has two strings, and bolts are loaded onto each alternatively. After a shot, the string is wound back to it's former stance, ready for use by the time the next shot is fired, this way allowing Moka to keep up a constant rain of bolts. The bolts are stored in canisters of about thirty bolts, which are loaded automatically onto the crossbow from the canister's position. He carries several spare canisters on him, as well as having dozens more in his packs. To add to this, he carries what he calls 'heavy artillery'. Namely, small rockets that can be fired from his crossbow. Like his bolts, he carries a large store in backup, as well as three on him. The second however would not be accessible during a battle. He wears a massive, plate like hat, made of pure protosteel, and with straps for his arm in hand, so he can use it as a shield if need be.
His armor and clothing, and helmet have been described in the appearance, so I will not go into any more detail.
Personality: Strong and silent are the right words to use. However, Moka has many more traits. He is extremely stubborn, he has a long memory, and has been known to hold grudges for hundreds of years. To add to this mix, he has a high sense of honor.
Bio: As a vortixx, Moka was simply out of place. Through some strange stunting in his creation, his appearance has almost nothing to do with his species. He grew up with a total disinterest in the Xian way of life. He stowed away on a ship leaving for Stelt, and lived there for many years, taking whatever jobs he could find, while all the time developing his fighting and athletic skills. After a long while, he became a professional mercenary, or bounty hunter. He thrived greatly during various periods of civil war between upper class Steltians. finally, he left Stelt, and his past there, behind. With his new wealth, he designed his crossbow and his hat. His reputation grew bit by bit.

Now, along with a small group of fellow bounty hunters, he has come to Hagah to carry out a mission for the Brotherhood of makuta; to assassinate the piraka.

Name: Ezmal
Gender: female
Species: toa
Kanohi: intangibility.
Appearance: A standard Metru build gold and blue toa. Her kanohi's right eyehole has a built in scope, allowing her to zoom in/out at will.
Powers: Light.
Abilities: Ezmal is a skilled swordstoa, a fairly accurate sniper, and is highly proficient in the usage of her powers.
Equipment: A sniper rifle with a clip that can hold up to fifty rounds; she carries several spare clips on her, and more in her baggage. She wields a light, but long, protosteel arming sword, and a small round buckler, which she carries at her side.
Personality: Fairly untalkitave, and obedient.
Bio: Ezmal grew up on Zakaz as a toa of psionics. From an early age, she began to hate the place. One of her favorite pastimes became luring passing Skakdi to walk into an acidic pool via her illusion powers. this became a passion, until she became a professional assassin many years later. Soon after, she was captured by the brotherhood of makuta. Instead of being executed, she was transformed into a toa of light, and used for makuta to build up their resistance of light.

recently, the Brotherhood sent her on a mission to a remote island named Hagah.

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As the opposite of what you say is true, your statement must be erroneous.

3 Re: The Guard Tower on 16th June 2011, 10:55 am

The Dark Hunter


MNI Board Vice Chairman

MNI Board Vice Chairman
Name: Trip (Cause his prisoner number is in triple digits, and cause he occasionally trips people Tongue Also a metaphor for his journey from Toa to Android)
Gender: Male
Species: Toa-Android
Kanohi: Hau
Appearance: Artisitic Interpretation/Realistic Style In set form, these are the exact colors. (Not shown in either image because I wanted to show the details, but the lower arms, legs, and thighs are all halfway covered by the same kind of trans-blue armor like on his chest) The little mechanical parts in the artistic interpretation and all things not in the actual set are black. The color can be described as a metallic blue and transparent blue armors. Faintly glowing blue lights here and there, most prominently a big Iron-Man like one in the chest cavity. He has a Kanohi that is just for show as he cannot access his Toa powers. The Kanohi is a semi-transparent hologram projected from his head (think StarWars holograms, but without any of the radio interference quality, aka not shaky). His glowing eyes change size and shape to convey emotion.
Powers: None, except for above-average strength, top-notch long-range accuracy, and if he isn't caught by surprise, very high agility. Cannot access elemental or Toa powers due to his change.
Abilities: Good at hacking together makeshift weapons from whatever is laying around. Computer-like memory.
Equipment: The internal skeleton of Trip is made of the hardest Protodermis, but all the glassy and outer armor is as fragile as regular glass and armor, so not very though. He has boosted strength due to his android form. His greatest weapon is his mind, as it is upgraded with computer-like hardware. This gives him lightning-fast reflexes and reaction times, and it makes him an excellent strategist, able to take in loads of data and variables. His weapons are usually just whatever is laying around, since he doesn't like to fight much.
Personality: Occasionally a deadpan realist, but he adapts to please whoever he is with to meet his own goals. Clear headed and patient, except when his emotions and sensitive past information are involved. When he gets mad, he gets mad.
Bio: A Toa that, during his time as a Dark Hunter, got in a really, really bad accident. His life was saved by essentially making him an android. He lost a lot of his humanity (or the Bionicle equivalent) and became detached from everything, but eventually got used to it. The change caused him to lose all his Toa powers. He is very secretive about what happened afterwards.


4 Re: The Guard Tower on 16th June 2011, 12:40 pm



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member
Name: Kpik
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Calix
Appearance: A tall thin Toa of Ice, pretty much average size, and coloring.
Powers: Ice
Abilities: Quick thinker, great at hiding.
Equipment: His mask, a machine gun, sword, and dual pistols.
Personality: He is calm and quiet, won't say much to anyone unless lives depend on it. And doesn't care much for anyone but himself, as all prisoners do.
Bio: Kpik is in for armed robbery, he somehow managed to rob Metru Nui's second largest bank, which resided in Ko-Metru, he got away with the money, but he didn't get far before he was surrounded by Vahki. Now here is where Dume messed up, the Metru Nui prisons were getting overfilled, so he decided to sell him to the Dark Hunters. Anyway, he ended up in Hagah Prison, living the low life.

Name: Ikod
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown, a Dark Hunter species that is nearly extinct.
Kanohi: Suletu
Appearance: Looks similar to a Skrall, except he is black and orange, and without the strange helmet. He doesn't have that odd half and half deal with the Suletu, and it looks like a normal mask.
Powers: Control over stone, and strong mental shields due to his mask
Abilities: Physical prowess, an excellent combatant, and strategist.
Equipment: A very advanced machine gun (called a Lancer) with a chainsaw at the front, similar to a bayonet. He also carries one pistol, and a sword.
Personality: Loud, obnoxious to some people, he could have started the riot with just his voice alone. He's been in solitary more than once for his voice, but he doesn't let up, he'll talk to anyone who will bare his voice, even a guard.
Bio: From the time he remembers being first alive, to his current life in Hagah prison, Ikod can remember every minute of his life. His mask provides him with excellent memory, photographic; but go back to why he ended up in prison, and there is nothing but a blank spot. Ironic, he calls it, that the one prisoner with the greatest memory on the entire island of Hagah can't remember why he was thrown in prison.

Name: Raeir (pronounced Ray-er)
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Soon to be mask of intangibility
Appearance: A regular looking Toa of air, with green body armor with gunmetal arm armor, leg armor, chest armor, and mask, with stunning silver eyes.(Not that kind of stunning)
Powers: Air
Abilities: Flexibility, calm nature.
Equipment: Soon to be gunmetal protosteel staff with O_O blade. Also awesome gunmetal daggers.
Personality: Easy going, extremely calm during the most intense situations, the only time he's ever broken under pressure was when he was in pain, in an interrogation room, with weapons posed at him, and the most annoying Toa ever to live questioning him. Meh, not a lot was left of those guys.
Bio: Growing up, Raeir was easygoing his entire life, didn't take many things seriously, nor many people, and he eventually fell into trouble with the local gangs on his island when he refused to respect their territory, or their personalities.

Well, they framed him into everything, murder, treason, everything. He was caught after about two days, wandering the streets without a care in the world, and was shipped to Hagah's State Prison. Eventually, the people who ran the place decided to interrogate him, well, he didn't talk, because there was nothing to say, he had been framed. They started using more brutal methods to coax the 'truth' from him, and he cracked, he stuck a vacuum on both guard's heads, and slammed the interrogator's head into the desk, knocking him out.

Raeir was given 500 more years sentence after that. He soon met his prison buddy, and best friend, Elf, who was just as easygoing as he was. The two caused trouble at every turn, messing with guards, prisoners, they really made life hard on everyone.

After about a year in prison, the riot began, Elf and Raeir were late to catch onto it, but they did end up escaping with weapons. About two days after they escaped, Elf was shot dead by a sniper named Kellin, and Raeir vowed to kill him for ending his friend's life.

Name: Yghari
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Plasma
Kanohi: Kakama
Appearance: Gray body with Golden armor and mask, he wears a robe (not the bedtime kind) that is pure blinding white and covered in black runes and symbols. He appears to have no defects to his body other than a bright red scar along his back, which is always covered by his robe.
Powers: Plasma and all abilities associated with it.
Abilities: Anything related to Plasma.
Equipment: A gray-white double bladed sword the length of him, along with a shotgun as black as night.(hinthint)
Personality: Is generally talkative, but not to any points of annoyance, he will talk when necessary, and them some. He is usually kind, which does not fit with his job as a bounty hunter. He firmly believes in Mata Nui, and once again, that does not fit his profile at all.
Bio: Yghari started life as a simple Matoran of Plasma, he worked at his job alongside other Matoran, he lived his life as any normal Matoran would... on Zakaz. While the civil war progressed, Yghari and the others of his kind on the island were forced into slave labor under evil tyrants, and crazy maniacs. Yghari vowed, if he ever got off the island alive, he would become a Toa, and slave the race of the Skakdi, he had seen their true side.

Well, one day, his master came to him, a Skakdi of fire, tall and powerful, this particular Skakdi had chosen to be kind to him slaves, to not treat the as the dirt he walked upon, and Yghari believed that it was possible for Skakdi to be kind. This Skakdi told him of an escape from the island, a motorized boat that could take him to another island. His Master gave him the keys to this boat, and told him to take as many Matoran as he could, and flee, flee and never return.

And Yghari did so, he left that island, but he would have to come back.

As years passed on, Yghari and five others were chosen to become Toa by Mata Nui, but he did not become a Toa to save other Matoran, or to protect an island from evil beings of mass destruction. He became a Toa to kill the entire race of Skakdi.

Of course, once he left the team to kill every Skakdi he saw, the others despised him for his decision, and they said they would kill him if he took the lives of innocent people who did nothing to him but Be. He ignored them, and continued on his quest to rid the world of the parasite that the Skakdi were.

As more years passed on, he killed more and more, believing that this was his purpose, and that Mata Nui had made him a Toa for this reason alone. He had made himself a reputation in the world of evil, as well as good, in some cases, sometimes he played the villain, sometimes he played the hero, but to him, he was doing his job.

The Brotherhood of Makuta became interested with him, they were wondering why he was killing so many Skakdi and getting away with it. He was contacted by a Brotherhood member, and was told to come to a specific island, so they could meet and discuss life and opportunity.

He did so, and they Makuta and Toa spoke about Yghari's ability to be basically a ghost, a very angry ghost who was on a killing spree. The makuta told him something, he told Yghari that he could kill all the Skakdi he wanted, and get paid for it at the same time. Yghari liked to slay the Skakdi, and he liked to earn pay, so he agreed, he was then placed on a Bounty Hunter team, and was given the task of exterminating all the Skakdi from a prison called Hagah, which had become a warzone.

Yghari agreed, and went with five others to this island prison, where he is right now.

Name: Skarloth
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: Broken Great Hau
Appearance: A normal sized matoran, he is primarily black, with red and orange strikes all over his body, similar to smoke. He also has a scar over his left eye, and unusually razor sharp teeth that fit together cleanly.
Powers: None
Abilities: Extreme heat resistance, ability to breath both water and air.
Equipment: Two electrically charged blades
Personality: Stoic, could describe him, doesn't talk a whole lot, but will speak to people of his own 'kind'.
Bio: Ever since-(see The Forsaken for a record of this character's time in the Pit)-and as he broke the surface of the water, and walked onto dry land for the first time in decades, he fell down, unable to move.

Of course, he got up some time later, and left the small island he had been stranded on, he had survived the Pit, he could survive a simple ocean. He crossed the large Aqua Magnian ocean, and found his way back into the Mata Nui Robot.

T'was pure chance that he happened to come upon an island with a prison on it. However, this prison was leveled, and destroyed, so he figured it would be a good hideout. He is currently swimming toward the island, ready to make the dead prison his home.

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The Grand Creation...

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Name: Unknown (As an engineer: Athillion) (As Prisoner: Prisoner 51432, Gerto)
Gender: Male
Species: Former Toa; reconstructed after a serious accident into a half-Android.
Kanohi: Ruru, Mask of Regeneration; has the power to restore items that have been gone for millions of years. It needs to destroy another object before it restores an other, but it also needs some amount of the destroyed object to restore it. (It doesn't work on living beings; can't repair/destroy organic parts, only partially armor.) Ground and vegetation are dissolvable, but not repairable.
Appearance: His former colours are unknown. After his enhancements, his body looks like a patchwork, when not covered in armor. You can see all sorts of mechanisms installed that are out of the place. Athillion has on him more than 500 different pieces of armor, and using his masks powers, he can repair one of the them into one full set of armor, even changing his mask, giving chameleon powers.
Powers: Former Toa of Earth; later reconstructed to master Sand and Crystals.
Abilities: He's an old school man; he's not as agile as he used to be, but his knowledge and powers fill on that.
Equipment: A spear that collapses and expands; empowers his elemental powers. A small pistol, equipped with functions of shotgun and normal fire; circuities all over his body, allowing his to access databases and keep in contact with the 'Mentors'.
Personality: Athillion will only notice you if he really needs you; if you step in his way, he won't tolerate much, and you'll eventually find your self dead. He get's a high temper when people act stupid and can't understand the simple truth that's in front of there eyes; can get selfish. In the bottom line, Athillion is friendly, but time has shaped him into a cruel being.
Bio: If you ask about Gerto is the prison, you may hear stories about how he always is quiet and silent, as he does nothing, albeit only to obverse and learn. In the market, people known him as a genius who delivered technologies and solutions never before thought or seen; he was the market leader in technologies and progression, and nothing could stop him. All records of Athillion end there.

Name: UNKNOWN (referred to as Prisoner One and Unnamed)
Gender: Male
Species: Axonn's Species
Kanohi: Hagleh, Mask of Empowering (He gains one of his opponents abilities and powers, by touching them)
Appearance: The armor he had before being imprisoned was a glorified, almost unbreakable magma armor. Red and gold in appearance, it was designed to feature symbols, and all shorts of tricks and secrets. It was later destroyed, and retrieved by Athillion.
Powers: He has the control over Fire. In the years of his training, he's gained control over magma. Giant muscle powers, and extraordinary survival skills.
Abilities: Prisoner One is a little bigger than a Toa, granting him speed, and camouflage. His fighting skill is unstoppable, and nothing will stand in his way. Not even the best of the best cannot stop him. Even if they attempt to, he always has tricks to back up himself.
Equipment: A small shield that expands to cover him; settings include creating a giant force field around him, and protecting him. Dual pistols, posinous sword.
Personality: Quick thinking, Prisoners One is a vicous, self centered overlord who only thinks of himself. His humour is something that defines him; he's a unstoppable evil joker.
Bio: Prisoner One was the first Prisoner of the Dark Hunters; he was the murder of the original founder of the Dark Hunters, whom case they covered up.

Name: Bvinthio
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Earth
Kanohi: Mask of Possibilities (More bulky than Nikila's)
Appearance: Gold and black, Toa of Earth armor.
Powers: He masters the Element of Earth.
Abilities: His aiming abilities are advanced, his an excellent swordsman, and uses Elemental powers to the maximum.
Equipment: Dagger for silent kills, dual elemental swords/guns.
Personality: Bvinthio is a quick thinking, friendly kind of type; he's the man you'll employ to organize your life. Nevertheless, his training and skills are matched to those of great warriors.
Bio: Bvinthio was one of the first Toa to be created, and was treated like a hero by matoran the following years, protecting the Southern Continent, Bvnthio eventually became a killer and an assassin. When he managed to assassinate a member of the Dark Hunters, he found him self in prison.

Name: Flebidre
Gender: Male
Species: Steltian
Kanohi: Mask of Intangibility
Appearance: Short, light green and white armor.
Powers: Psionics
Abilities: Flebidre is a short, technique bashed fighter. He prefers using his mental powers, rather than swinging mindlessly a sword in the air. Nonetheless, he has been trained to use his Pisonics powers, and combine them with his fighting style to improve the outcome of the battle.
Equipment: Throwing knifes and two swords, and a gun for extreme cases.
Personality: Quick thinking, Fledibre has been trained all his life to perfect his techniques, and movement. His mind functions at fast rates; his quickness and smartness can get him through anything. He has been specifically trained to combine his moves with his Psionics powers, such as making his enemies think there's ten more of him, and using his mental powers to speed up his own body, and generally managing to pull of any job.
Bio: Flebidre is the last elite warrior trained in Artakha, for the purpose of watching the island. Eventually, once the order of Mata Nui wiped all files and evidence of existence, Flebidre and his faction were hunted and killed. He resorted to be a mercenary.

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The Shadowed


RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Hualn
Gender: Male
Species: Grazonurus-A species roughly Matoran-height and humanoid covered in plated verdant armor reminiscient of a millipede's, but on a microscopic scale. Their armor is aerodynamic due to the minisculity of its ridges, though, and exude air currents from between its ridges that form a second layer of armor of cutting wind around their wearer about a sixth of a meter thick even as the air is constantly sucked back into the wearer at different ridges to be channeled elsewhere or to breathe. Grazonurus are unable to use Kanohi, having a helm-plate covering their face with a black-tinted visor over the eyes and ears. Finally, Grazonurus have claws on their hands and feet shaped as to not disturb the currents around them.
Kanohi: N/A
Appearance: Hualn is a Matoran-like figure covered in nearly seamless plates composed of a hardened substance similar to keratin, though only as strong as solid protodermis, that is pine green. Two amber eyes glare out from beneath his black-tinted visor fitting onto his helm. Upon his back, Hualn has strapped a huge zweihander, at nearly twice his height in length and as thick as half his torso, width-wise. His hands and feet are clawed, the latter near-perpetually hovering a sixth of a meter off of the ground, only dropping sometimes in combat. He looks to be of medium build, and continuously his image is distorted by the currents moving around him. As well, Hualn is accompanied by a great whooshing and sucking sound at once as he moves about, as though a strong breeze were constantly moving about his area.
Powers: Hualn's air currents are his sole power, although they more resemble a trait for his own inability to turn them off. Due to his species' anatomy, they are governed largely without his control; they move without him being able to stop them, and they constantly 'inhale' and 'exhale' their cutting winds all over his body, resembling highly developed lungs in that function. However, he CAN control the concentration of their inhalation and expiring to certain areas of his body, allowing parts like his claws to become covered in as much as one-third of a meter of air blade armor. Due to this ability to control where he exhales and inhales, he gains control of the air pressure immediately around his body, and can even use sudden inhalation to act as though he had suction cups. He can even journey underwater inside an air bubble, though not indefinitely, due to a need to breathe and pressure. This useful ability gives Hualn a formidable 'first layer of defense' that can be easily morphed into offensive and defensive extensions of his claws and feet to land attacks that would otherwise miss. Finally, the air armor serves a last purpose: It supports and strengthens his body, allowing him to hover and move around more freely, as well as wield his huge blade.
Despite this power's many advantages, though, it has several weaknesses. Hualn often underestimate the power of foes' attacks because of his two layers of armor, which, although allowing him to absorb physical attacks rather well due to the wind slowing down and softening blows, does not work as well against powered assaults. While even then, his blades can deal with wind and even many more solid or wind-based elements, like earth or fire, by cutting them away in their rotation, a skilled fighter can recognize that he often extends much of his armor into his extending his attacks, causing him to lack a first layer of defense valuable surface area on his body. Just as well, he often leaves the soles of his feet or hands particularly vulnerable, as they are the first place he often causes to stop exhaling when extending his appendages in a fight. Finally, no matter how much Hualn extends his armor to cover, it disperses after radiating a third of a meter from his body. This means that he can be easily fooled to cover one area when something is coming towards him at high speed, only to have the object or enemy change course right before the shield and slip around it
Abilities: Hualn has been highly trained in swordsmanship and unarmed combat. He is about as strong as the average toa and fast as one, too; however, his wind armor enhances both those traits to give him above-average speed and strength, though not anything half rivaling the power of a Kakama or Pakari. Due to these traits, his fighting style is bold and dynamic, slipping from swordsmanship to claw swipes to kicks, all bolstered or enhanced with his armor. Hualn often acts almost without care in fights, feeling that his two layers of armor and skill with a sword is enough for most foes, only getting serious if they actually get past his first layer of defense and sword.
Equipment: Hualn wields a zweihander that is the same color as his armor and made of the same material. It has been crafted specially so that air simply glides across it with ease.
Personality: Hualn is, first off, spontaneous. He becomes bored of routine easily, and is constantly looking for new territory to explore, new opponents to test his skill against. He is highly curious, but often doesn't reveal it, feigning mild impartiality and true arrogance. This mask is only taken off when exploring new opponents' capabilities in battle, if they have managed to bypass his first layer of armor, or when exploring a new area or thing to do. Hualn's mask is partially revealing, though: He is arrogant and overconfident to a degree due to being pampered (see bio). Despite this, he has a hidden sympathetic side, being able to see the good side of many people if he'd only look.
Bio: Hualn was born into a prestigious family of landowners, high-bred aristocrats of his species. Growing up, he became bored with his tedious, orderly life and decided to become a soldier to travel all over the world and fight. He ran away before he finished education and was accepted by an institution of mercenaries, wherein he was taught how to fight and thereafter employed. After hearing of the far-off plight of the Hagah Prison, he grew interested and presented himself to the Piraka. Hualn was promptly hired by Hakann and transported to Norik Island and the Piraka's base. He occasionally gets a nagging feeling that there must be more to life than killing now, after many years of fighting, but dissmisses it easily.

Name: Kakashi; alias "The Scarecrow"
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Plant Life
Kanohi: Kualsi
Appearance: Kakashi wears light green armor with darker accents and is an Inika-build toa. He wears a dark green hat that looks to be made out of a kind of straw on his head and has golden eyes. Kakashi also wears a mask over his Kanohi, also made out of dark green straw and shaped like a crude face. This mask covers his entire face, save his eyes and the rough area of his mouth. Finally, he has pieces of the same pine-colored straw sticking rakishly out of joints in his armor.
Powers: As a Toa of The Green, Kakashi has toa-level control of Plant Life, meaning he can absorb plants, cause them to grow or shrivel, change their form, create new plants, and manipulate existing ones at a toa's level.
Abilities: Kakashi is able to think quickly and rationally to come to decisions. He also is skilled in deceit and deception, as well as dodging, blocking, and turning away attacks. Finally, Kakashi is able to wield senbon and whips with great proficiency.
Equipment: "The Scarecrow", as he calls himself, does not carry much equipment; however, he often generates scarecrows of straw, senbon thorns, and vine whips as weapons and tools during battle using his powers.
Personality: Kakashi is a playful trickster, liable not to take things seriously, but almost always able to weasel, worm, and, quite rarely, badger his way out of the consequences of doing so. He often gets in trouble for this, but as stated previously, is usually able to figure a way out. He is quite skilled at fooling people, though he often doesn't at first, inadvertedly paving the way for his deception later on. This reflects in his fighting style-when Kakashi is attacked, he usually teleports away, leaving behind in the split second before he goes a scarecrow made of his own straw, usually with added spikes to annoy and catch enemies. Although this prankster nature would make one think that he has few friends, Kakashi is an extrovert at heart and likes people inherently. Despite his flawed ways, he earnestly attempts when not pranking to help others.
Bio: Kakashi grew up in the Southern Continent. There he became widely known for his joking nature and quick wit, earning him settlement-wide respect for his ability to solve problems in a pinch and practical jokes. One day, however, he found a toa stone. Having always aspired to be renowned for something more than a quick-minded joker and wanting to be a superhero, like in one of his most prevalent childhood dreams, he used it and donned a costume to resemble a scarecrow. Thereafter, word was spread throughout the region of a Toa of The Green calling themself "The Scarecrow" who protected a settlement with not power, but traps and trickery, from Rahi, pirates, and other dangers. During this period, The Scarecrow grew to become experienced in martial trickery, becoming known for humorously substituting himself for a scarecrow dummy right before he teleported. He also improvised and learned many ways to keep himself from being hit by attacks, and became a master of whips and senbon, as they were merely incapacitating and annoying weapons. Unfortunately, during around the thirtieth year of his protection, a majof crime boss realized that the the hero who had started out to work against small-time thieves and angered rahi had now grown into one capable of shutting down large-scale operations with subterfuge and sabotage. Therefore, he had The Scarecrow captured by the Toa Team assigned to their region of the continent and sent to prison, and despite all his attempts to bargain, sneak, and force his way out, nothing has worked. Until now...

Name: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First (Whether this is his real name or not is unknown; see bio)
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Oil
Kanohi: The good Captain wears a Great Mask of Laser Vision upon his face, shaped like a Great Calix. Its power is pretty much what the title of the mask says: It allows the wearer to shoot lasers from their eyes. Unlike the Avohkii, it does not provide further light manipulation than that, and a wearer of the Mask of Laser Vision cannot make the lasers any wider than their eyes without help or a lense. However, the lasers can be used many more times than regular light powers and can be shot from the pupil of an eye, meaning a wearer only has to turn their eyes, not their head, to fry things with their ocular weapon.
Appearance: Captain Aki Rua Doomslayer The First is of moderate build for a Toa, his only real difference from the average one in rough size and shape being his bulkier and more muscled upper body. He wears over his armor a belt slung across his left shoulder and returning to his back at his right hip, where he has strapped on a canvas backpack with a surujin. On his front, however, Rua has only strapped a recurved and compound machine crossbow and six magazines of quarrels. The Captain also wears a faded bright black beret with a cap badge of a sapphire shaped like a five-pointed star shoved to his left. His mask appears to be a glossy pitch-black Calix with two sapphire eyes staring out from it. Aki's armor is also colored a glossy pitch-black, and is always shining clean due to usage of his oil powers to scour his body.
Powers: Doomslayer can control/absorb/manipulate any and all oil at a Toa level. He most often focuses this power through his mouth, spitting out gallons or globs of oil.
Abilities: As the Captain is a Toa of Oil, the overall efficiency of his mechanical parts are increased. Therefore, he doesn't expend as much energy lifting something, for example, or running, than a normal Toa would. He also has mastered his three weapons and has a degree of training in covert operations and stealth.
Equipment: Rua wields three weapons, each well-crafted. The first are a dozen EXTREMELY unripe madu cabolo, coated in oil, partly so that they don't explode from a mild shock unless the layer is peeled off and partly because the oil makes for a good thing to explode and kept within his backpack. They are mainly used as grenades, but can also be left in places, sticking to things with the oil, and then remote-detonated with a quarrel, a high-pressure oil stream, or something else. The second weapon of the Captain is a repeating crossbow. It is recurved and compounded for more power, and shoots one of the ten-quarrel magazines Aki wears in fifteen seconds. Although it is not as powerful as a regular crossbow, its fire is still powerful enough to pierce armor. Each quarrel is tipped with protosteel for extra piercing power, as well. Finally, Aki's last, and signature, weapon, is a surujin with a protosteel spike, a protosteel weight, and a thick rope in place of a chain. It is made specially, with the weight actually only being covered in a thin layer of protosteel, with a layer of wood of wood beneath that protecting a good deal of oil. As well, there is a hole present in the weight where the rope has been attached to the center of the ball. Therefore, if Aki uses a little oil power, he can send the oil already there out onto the rope.
Personality: The Captain acts with complete disregard for rules of any kind, and also acts as though he is incredibly powerful and superhumanly good at fighting, as well as everything else. Thus, one would probably deduce that he suffers from a superiority complex. However, this mask-if it is a mask-appears to conceal a cunning mind to those who have caught a glimpse of his real self. Although he often appears as a bumbling, arrogant fool when first met, his tongue and actions cleverly hide his real plans, and often he will make mistakes on purpose. Because of his egnimatic persona, not one person in the Matoran Universe knows what his true plan is or just what his goals are.
Bio: The Captain Aki Rua The First appeared before a mercenary's syndicate calling himself that full name not very long before the prisonbreak on Hagah, citing how he taught his skills to dozens of famous mercenary commanders-each one long dead. He went on to cite his past experiences as a pirate, poet, soldier, pilot, and bula wine maker, as well as many other occupations. No one is still sure how he got the job at the syndicate, but it is rumored that it was attained because he constricted the CEO with the oil in said being's armor, deadpanning: "This is just one reason not to turn me down. Happy?" (Of course, said rumor may have been started by the Captain himself, but no one exactly knows). Regardless, he was accepted, though as a low-level soldier ('Captain' is, apparently, the title he held in his first war days). Now he has arrived at Hagah, alone and, according to him, 'totally ready to kick butt'.

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"Remember me when the sky becomes darkened with danger, seeded with opportunity."

"Remember me when fall the tears that rejuvenate in their sobering."

"Remember me when it rains."

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RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Kanohi:Calix, albiet very weakened
Appearance:He is a silver and blue armored Toa, toned and on the tall side. Has kind bluesteel (blue-gray)eyes, and wears a blue and white headband with a tigerstripe pattern. Oddly enough, he has pronounced canines, almost fangs.
Powers: Used to have elemental power of Plasma, now gone. Recently mastered the Bakusai Tenketsu or "breaking point technique", which allows him to make any non living, solid object shatter and/or explode.
Abilities: Extreme strength, durability and stamina, to the point where it takes quite a bit more to bring him down compared to other Toa. He's also a good deal faster and more agile than your average toa as well. Thanks to his stay at the Pit, he is capable of breathing both air and water.
Personality:Can be quite cunning, but often impulsive and rash.He is generally polite, kind, and helpful, if a bit snarky. He does have a bit of a temper, though, and if you know the right buttons to push, you can set him off. And boy does he blow his top. As such, this offsets him with most of the other prisoners, as he's nothing like the hardened criminals around him.
Bio: A young Martial Artist with next to no sense of direction. He's spent nearly his entire life wandering, on the road, through the forests, across the oceans, you name it, the guy has probably been there. As such, he's had a rough life, but has learned to take it in stride. Often speaks of friends and rivals someplace far off, which often brings out bottled up angst and rage at his current situation. He is no criminal, he shouldn't be in prison. Unfortunately for him, this is not correct in the eyes of the prison. After all who would get lost and wind up in The Pit? (He completely would and has, in a previous RPG, The Forsaken) He had to have been put in there for some reason. Right? As such, he's had it rough. But now the winds of change are blowing, and Cipher's ready to sail out of prison and back to his old life. But first, he has to get off the island...

Kanohi:Mask of Healing
Appearance: A petite, pretty young toa with cobalt armor, cyan highlights, and sea green eyes. On the short side.
Powers:Above average elemental control of Water, able to heal visible injuries with her mask
Abilities:Able to heal almost any visible wounds, knowledge on how to treat most diseases and their symptoms, extensive knowledge of most beings' physiology.
Equipment: Nothing yet, just her knowledge.
Personality:Somewhat level headed, not as impulsive nor as cautious as many inhabitants of the islands. She's often the voice of reason, calm and clear headed. Of course, not at all a stoic, she is prone to sarcasm and often sharpens her wit with the various insane things she's heard or seen, yet is also oftentimes apparently genuinely happy with her job. She's a helpful, kind, and caring soul, and is strong-willed, with a never-say-die attitude. Appropriate, given her line of work.
Bio: For one so often upbeat and positive,(outside of her work, of course. You gotta be all seriousness then) she's had things pretty rough. Her presence here is the direct result of a debt her family had with the Dark Hunters, she was exchanged for their safety at a relatively early age to serve them, becoming a medic for the prison. Whilst she believes she made the decision herself, she doesn't have a very good memory of the event, and for all she knows, she could have been thrust into their hands, willingly or no. She has no way of knowing how safe her family is, or even if they're still alive. As such, she worries about them every day. After she was transferred to the Prison, she was immediately set to work, as prisoners were always getting into fights and recieving injuries. As such, she knows many of them well, and is even on friendly terms with quite a few. She's a hard worker, and hopes to one day be able to finally go home, with the debt worked off.

Name: Tokaz Highwind
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Whatever the mask of accuracy is lol
Appearance: Male: A Toa around the same age as Cipher(the eqivalent of sixteen or so), he around the same basic height and build, lean but toned, albiet slightly slimmer than his rival, with bright golden eyes.
Female: About a head shorter than her guy form, she's much slimmer than she is as a male. She's got quite the pretty face, and a good figure to boot. In short, looks wise, she's a knockout.
Both: He most often wears a sleeveless green shirt and black pants, not one to be weighed down by armor or somesuch. Around his wrists are a pair of black bracers, which seem to be more for style than anything else.
Powers: Elemental power over Wind, but thanks to his curse, he can't do much with it, as it limits his control, thus he often opts not to use it.
Abilities: In combat prowess, he is equal, if not greater than Cipher. As such, he is almost the antithesis to his fanged rival. Where Cipher is strong, Tokaz is fast. Where Cipher is tough, Tokaz is agile, Where Cipher has endurance, Tokaz has strategy. Of course, just as Cipher is still quite fast and quite agile, Tokaz is also quite strong and quite durable as well. One thing is, while Cipher's somewhat atrophied during his stay in the prison, Tokaz is coming in fresh. In combat, Tokaz is downright scary, hitting you from nearly every concievable angle with a blinding barrage of attacks.
Personality: Tokaz is, to put it simply, a jerk with a heart of gold. He's snarky, critical, and generally kind of insensitive. But of course, being raised by his dad wasn't exactly the best social upbringing, and that said, he's actually pretty well adjusted. Like Cipher, he has a strong sense of honor, duty, and chivalry, often going out of his way to help those in need.
Bio: Tokaz is an accomplished Martial Artist, and rival to Cipher. When he was young, he was taken by his father on a journey across the world, to become "A man amongst men". Along the way, they trained near constantly, Tevro honing his son's skills and refining The Highwind School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. After a little dip in a cursed springs by the both of them, they returned to their home in Aensetr, a city on the Isle of Derrum. Due to a little arranged marriage fiasco, Tevro and Tokaz are now staying at the home of Tevro's longtime friend, Akad Tynari, at the Tynari dojo, Tokaz now engaged to Akad's youngest daughter, Lysna, who is his age and he constantly bickers with. He was soon enrolled in school a year ago, and since then, many wacky hijinks and intense battles have ensued, Cipher being part of many. Now, he and his dad are helping the Tynari family keep everything in working order by taking odd jobs and doing a little bounty hunting. With Aenster's zaniness, it was a matter of time before they took up this job of rounding up escapees. Little do they know, they're about to become part of something way bigger.

Name:Tevro Highwind
Kanohi: Mask of Stealth
Appearance: Has a weathered, rugged yet handsome appearance to him. Although his baggy Gi does make him look bulky, there is acually little fat on his gut and he has the same general fitness level of his son. He's slightly taller than Tokaz, and is clad in a classic white Gi and pants. Unlike his son, his eyes are a lime green and he carries a hand and a half sword on his back.
Powers:Element of Wind, but thanks to his curse, he can't do much with it, as it limits his control.
Abilities: Nearly the same as his son, although he's begun to fall behind in the speed department
Personality: He's a bit of a coward, but still has the same moral code as his son, but doesn't follow it as often. He's actually quite greedy, conniving, and unreliable, but claims this is because he's doing what it takes to survive
Bio: Tokaz's father, and a skilled, if lazy, martial artist. When his son was just a young lad, he took him away, on a trip around the world to make him "A man amongst men". Along the way, they trained near constantly, Tevro honing his son's skills and refining The Highwind School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. After a little dip in a cursed springs by the both of them, they returned to their home in Aensetr, a city on the Isle of Derrum. Due to a little arranged marriage fiasco, Tevro and Tokaz are now staying at the home of Tevro's longtime friend, Akad Tynari, at the Tynari dojo, Tokaz now engaged to Akad's youngest daughter, Lysna, who is his age and he constantly bickers with. He soon had his son enrolled in school a year ago, and since then, many wacky hijinks and intense battles have ensued. Now, he and his son are helping the Tynari family keep everything in working order by taking odd jobs and doing a little bounty hunting. With Aenster's zaniness, it was a matter of time before they took up this job of rounding up escapees. Little do they know, they're about to become part of something way bigger.

Name: Kyphros Mutakial
Gender: Male
Kanohi: Wink (kidding, none)
Appearance: A short figure, at least from the perspective of a Toa, standing at around five foot ten, and cloaked in shadow throughout the body. He, like many of his kind, wears a face obscuring hood and cloak, the color being a dark grey. As for the rest of his clothing, he wears a simple white, long-sleeved tunic with a black belt, baggy, black trousers somewhat reminiscent of those of martial artists, and black boots. Out from the shadows of his hood glow two white eyes. (for any FF fans out there, think Black Mage)
Powers: A fairly creative and powerful wielder of the elemental magics, in the style that Shades can naturally preform. Being a regular, unspecialised Shade, he can wield all three of the kind's innate elements, Fire, Ice, and Lightning, with a fair degree of skill and flexibility.
Abilities: He's suprisingly strong for his size, remarkably quick, but in this world, if a fight gets physical, he has to rely on his buffs, which take his physical capabilities up to those an Olympic level human, in all areas. AKA, just enough to not get brutally murdered by the inhabitants of this universe. He can also use a few debuffs, which help even the odds, but he's not quite proficient in that area, so he generally keeps his distance.
Equipment:His backpack, two knives on his belt, and mithril gauntlets
Personality: He's an odd fellow, mostly keeps to himself. Not overly benevolent or malevolent, despite his rather dark and possibly intimidating appearance, he is a somewhat reserved, albiet sarcastic character, but a loyal, honorable friend all the same.
Bio: Kyphros is a Shade, and as such, comes from a completely different universe than this one. Transported here through an inter-dimensional incident of some sort, he looks to find his way home. Before this incident, he was a junior at a certain High school, being of seventeen years of age. Thanks to the fairly interesting experiences and classes there, he has a variety of skills that have allowed him to survive on the island. Of course, it has been ungodly tough managing it. Even so, he perseveres, searching for a way home...

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8 Re: The Guard Tower on 28th June 2011, 4:00 pm

Rising Moon


Wordscape Executive

Wordscape Executive
Name: Vvrynthios
Gender: Male
Species: Steltian [Sidorak's]
Kanohi: N/A
Appearance: Vvrynthios is the typical Steltian, with just a bit more scars and bruises. A broadsword he does not bother to sheath is tossed over his back in a sling. His demeanor is, put succinctly, passionate. His eyes are two unquenchable flames that reminisce of freedom and a sort of chaotic bliss, and pride fills his chest.
Powers: None
Abilities: Having had formal training in the Steltian army back in its golden days--its only days with any legitimate lawful organization--Vvrynthios is notably talented at all military tactics. His preferred approach is direct, hand-to-hand combat, as his physical prowess is generally supreme to that of his foes. His pride dictates that he does not 'sneak,' or any stealthy act of the sort, but under necessary circumstances he is not blind to reason.
Equipment: Vvrynthios's wears iron gloves constantly, making his already incredibly bulky fists a force to be reckoned with. His broadsword, Bang, is slung over behind his back. He considers muscle a weapon, and in that respect he possesses his own mobile armament.
Personality: Vvrynthios is not exactly a soldier's soldier, which is the attitude that got him to Hagah. He does not follow orders if they do not suit him, but he always gets the job done--the question is whether he does it lawfully. He is, after his ages of experience, a particularly wise fellow, and unlike his appearance seems to denote, he is a remarkably strategic and altogether friendly, respectful creature. He is one to appreciate opportunity and therefore seizes every one, living life for pride, joy, and above all, patriotism.
Bio: Vvrynthios is a patriot. That is frequently how he describes himself to friends, family, and enemies. He spent an age rising in the ranks of the original Steltian army, and has quite a few years on him. A murderous--yet quite calm and aware--rampage at the end of his career, a result of his digression from what he believed to be a faulty plan of his general's, resulted in his exile from his homeland--a fate which he sees as a divine curse, as Stelt is closest to his heart next to his own life--and his placement in the Hagah prison. Many a time he has attempted to escape. Vvrynthios is not one to give up. Ever. Whether the law says to or not.

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Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head
Name: Jamnicwo
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Garai
Appearance: Orange and white with purple streaks
Powers: Plasma, and has heat proof armor
Abilities: Perfect sniper
Equipment: Plasma Rifle
Personality: A gentleman, and speaks in archaic formal Matoran. He has an extreme dislike for anything authority related.
Bio: The head chief who created the prison project, Jamnicwo is from a land where even a minor crime is considered a capital offense. He is very much feared and hated by all, and keeps people in line with his control over two elements. Jamnicwo has killed many in duels, and has never EVER lost a fight. Jamnicwo was in stasis for thousands of years as a result of Makuta, and was accidentally re-awakened a thousand years ago.

Name: Rolia
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kakama
Appearance: Blue and gold with mixed color swirls
Powers: Psionics
Abilities: Mind probes
Equitment: Hidden dagger
Personality: A prisoner hated by everyone for her elemental power. Was left in Hagah during the raid, and she has reformed since into a good prisoner.
Bio: Roila once tried to meet Dorian and date him to kill him and his father but Dorian was quick to understand Roila's schemes. These scenes got her thrown in Hagah where she became to hate all criminals and detest them. She can be seductive when need be, and combined with mental tricks many find her irresistible,

Name: Krausen
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Calix
Appearance: Totally black armor, not a touch of color
Power: Earth
Abilities: An 'sixth sense' for sensing incoming danger, and a mental shield
Equipment: Energy Extraction Rifle and Lightstone Rifle
Personality: A To a that once had a visit to Xia (hence his weapons), Krausen is one of the most good-natured guards. He has a very complex personality beneath this façade, and is known to serve his own motives when need be.
Bio: He has a history that was been covered up as a bank robber, and has a mansion where he stores his stolen billions. It is under the alias 'Violeto'. Not much is known truly of what Krausen can do.

Name: Gingher (HEEN-jair)
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Iden
Appearance: Very faded dark gray armor to the point of being light grary. Old and frail
Power: Sonics
Abilities: Nothing unusual
Equipment: Old fashioned two-handed sword
Personality: Gingher is just an old man, a former criminal but years of imprisonment has weaken him mentally and physically. He offers kind advise to youths, and tries to turn them from their criminal ways. He is very sad and often is purged in his own grief.
Bio: Ginger was a notorious Toa criminal, which in his time was unheard of. The capture of Gingher was a great news event, but he has faded into obscurity and is barely known. Years of transfers have weakened Gingher's resolve, and now he just wants some money to live an honest quite life.

Name: Nakulo
Species: Skakdi
Kanohi: N/A (Cause he likes his face)
Appearance: Very tall and purple-hued armor along with a seeming inability to grin like all Skakdi. He has very powerful muscles
Power: Water
Abilities: Ice vision and text 'unscrambling' to render secret notes unreadable
Equipment: Talon
Personality: Nakulo is very confident in his abilities and has exceptional mastery of his army. He is extremely quick to notice errors in army structure and fix them. If he was only a warrior he'd overstep his bounds.
Bio: His parents named Nektann after the real Nektann, which ended up being a common name in the warlord Nektann's empire to glorify their great leader. Nektann rose to the rank of a divisional commander in the warlord Nektann's army, and has been an honorable but troublesome leader. He changed his name to Nakulo to avoid mass confusion.

Name: Kinnarhi
Gender: Female
Species: Toa of Lightning
Kanohi: Mask of Growth and Kakama (taken from Jamnicwo who took it from a late NPC guard)
Appearance: Kinnarhi is of peak physical perfection, and has dappled blue armor mixed in with white swirls. She is very tall, and towers over everyone else.
Powers: Lightning
Abilities: Kinnarhi can execute a running jump kick, and punch whilst doing this.
Equipment: A blade.
Personality: Kinnarhi is a very emotional Toa, and shows great affection for other female Toa. She has had issues finding friends with anyone, and is considered a loner, even though she hates being alone.
Bio: The home where Kinnarhi comes from was destroyed by the Visorak, and she became a Toa by finding a Toa stone placed by a great legendary Magnetism Toa from the islands early history. She resolved to keep prisoners locked up in jail to prevent evil like that which destroyed her homeland from re-surfacing.

This is the NPC Lightning Toa I've had for a while in my sub-plot. She did the lighting on the KILL KELLIN sign and helped Roila carry the van by taking Jamnicwo's Kakama. Last seen using her Kakama with the other guards to take Roila away.

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"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head

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Name: Kartah
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of air
Kanohi: A fused mask that has the powers of a Kualsi and Matatu shaped like a Vahi
Appearance: The sprite I use as my avatar
Powers: Elemental power of air
Abilities: He is extremely skilled in crafting virtually anything with the raw materials at hand. He also has an extremely strong mental shield (and by exrtemely strong I mean you can only break it if you fancy your more powerful than Artakha)
Equipment: He carries a hammer/pick that he uses for combat as well as to work metals and stone, he also carries a pack with him that is full of crafting tools.
Personality: Kartah is very talkative and creative. He also has a very good memory and is somewhat of a perfectionist, always making sure that what he says or does is right.
Bio: Kartah was once a matoran on the island of Artakha. When Artakha heard of what was happening here he made Kartah into a toa and gave him training for combat and crafting useful items out of raw material. Then he sent him to (I'm not sure where yet), to be his eyes and ears so that he could observe what is going on. Artakha also, by Kartah's consent, both mentally shields Kartah and blocks his memory, giving Artakha a new perspective on the events taking place. As well as these things Artakha will, to a very limited extent, protect Kartah, but never interfering with events. This protection would include causing something like a sixth sense in Kartah that made him aware of danger before it arrived so that he could defend himself. Only in extremely dire circumstances would he take actual action, like if a nuke was going off a few feet away, teleporting Kartah a minimal distance from the danger so that it would not be immediately life threatening.



11 Re: The Guard Tower on 16th August 2011, 4:39 pm

Captain Marvel


MNI Author, MOCist, Musician

MNI Author, MOCist, Musician
Name: Vin Drullator
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Air
Kanohi: Mask of Psychometry
Appearance: Lean and powerful, Vin wears lime green and black armor, including a black flowing cape and a lime green Mask of Psychometry. His cape is fastened with a lime green shoulder pad with a black rune-like pattern embedded in it. His boots and gloves are similar, except black with the same pattern in lime green. His vividly purple hair barely sticks out of his mask underneath it on the left side as well. Also on his mask, on the left side, is a row of half-inch thick, one inch tall black lines. He also sports a tattooed number 7 on his chest just below his right shoulder. It stretches down over his right pectoral.
Powers: Control over the element of air.
Abilities: Vin is a master of aerial maneuvers. He commonly uses this skill to create another "surface" in the sky made out of air. In this way he can stand seemingly in the middle of the air with no effort.
Equipment: A chain whip, except at the end of the chain is a wickedly sharp piece of steel shaped like a crescent moon. He is incredibly adept at using this, and loves to use his power over air to fly up into the sky and swing it downward at his foes. He also carries on his back a long, thin black sword that makes a T several inches below where the end should be. Then, two short prongs, also bladed, come out of the two ends of the T top.
Personality: Vin Drullator usually shows no emotion, his face always in a slight frown, a cold, hard, dispassionate mask. Occasionally he will widen his eyes when he is in shock during a battle, but that is rare because when he is fighting he always carefully judges his opponent's strengths and weaknesses. he is extremely manipulative and will use anyone and anything to get what he wants. Because of his impassive demeanor, he is able to stay level-headed during almost any situation.
Bio: He was part of a secluded tribe of Le-Matoran and Toa when his village was destroyed by pirates looking to loot and plunder their vast store of rare and valuable instruments. The novice Toa of the time tried valiantly to protect Vin's old village, but failed and was killed. Vin was young, and had to watch as almost all of his tribe was killed before his eyes. He found refuge in one of the pirate's ships, where he hid until they had gone far into the woods, carried away with their own greed and sick happiness. Climbing out, he ran as fast and far as he could until he collapsed, exhausted, under a tree where he stumbled across a toa stone. It activated, and he was transformed into a Toa. He now lends his services as a mercenary/bounty hunter, although his ultimate goal is to find all the pirates that originally ransacked his village. He was confined on the island of Hagah when he brutally murdered three of the pirates that had ransacked his village.

More coming soon.



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