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If you are looking to apply as a potential member, please contact us on or You can as well join the forums and contact one of the administrators for a job application.

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A meeting was held on Saturday March 24, at approximately 10:00 PM EST. The highlights of the meeting have been posted at the aforementioned link. If you have time, please review the meeting highlights.
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Rules and Guidelines

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1 Rules and Guidelines on 7th July 2011, 11:19 am




Mata Nui Inc and Plast! Productions Forums
Rules and Guidelines

The following rules apply to all members, and are intended for all parts of the Mata Nui Inc and Plast! board, including the forums, the personal messages, the member profiles, signatures and avatars.


Registering an account is an acknowledgement that you agree with all forum rules, as you are legally able to do so. The Administration and Moderators team reserves the right to alter, enforce, add, or waive any rules for any specific member at any time. Punishment is part of enforcing the rules and should not be considered as a personal offense.

The Administration has chosen to grant one account on the forums per person. If a person is found with additional accounts without the permission of the administration, a penalty will be issued, and one or more of his accounts will be banned. Should you ever lose control of your account, or forget your password, simply contact the staff by email (see below), and we will rush to change your password. The forums have also a built-in feature for such chases. You can access the "I forgot my password" feature in the 'Sign in' screen.

Remember, you are responsible for all actions performed by your account. Since we have no easy way of determining whenever another person used your account, remember to keep your password safe, strong, and hidden. If you share a computer, remember to log out from the forums -- we will not accept excuses such as "My brother/sister/mother entered my account, and did this. Why should I be punished?"

What follows below is a set of rules written by the Administration of the forums.


Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines: Chatbox

Contact Us

Other Reference Topics


New Member Guide

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2 Rules and Guidelines on 7th July 2011, 11:19 am




Rules and Guidelines

We do not condone intolerance

If a member treats another member with disdain or contempt because of race, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or a similar quality or belief, the member will face administrative action up to and including banning if severe enough.

Do not use curses or any offending words

As we wish to promote, not a social network-style experience, but a professional, work-conductive experience on Mata Nui Inc. and Plast!, we have decided to censor any form of cursing on the forums. Remember, censoring several letters of the word is still not allowed -- not only it is an abusive way to bypass the rule, it goes as far as to make the rule pointless. Don't bypass the filter: a simple enough rule that the consequences of not obeying it might result in serious punishment. (See the chatbox rules post, below this one, for using words on the chatbox.)

Refrain from flaming and trolling

Offensive trolling and flaming that forces one into an argument is not allowed, especially if it is done through insulting another member's race, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or a similar quality or belief. If you feel you or a fellow member are being trolled / flamed / bullied by anyone on this forum, report the post and contact the Administrators team -- immediate action will be taken, and punishment will be given depending on the offense.

Do not spam

Spam stands for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Message". Spamming is the act of posting spam, and a spammer is the person who posts it. Unless there is chance for something to be discussed in a normal matter, you should not be posting topics that have no actual purpose / content and therefore are useless. If anyone was allowed to post whatever useless topics they fancied, the forums would become too overwhelming to navigate to the point were it would become a turn-off for visitors that browse the forum.

Spam topics will be closed or deleted, depending on the staff's view of perspective. If your topic was closed unfairly, contact the Administrators team. Please keep this content for the chatbox -- it's beneficial for both the staff and yourself, as it saves both sides the effort. In addition, please avoid derailing discussion in a normal topic with spam.

Refrain from using Leet

"Leetspeak" (or "13375p34k") is a "language" substituting letters for numbers. Please refrain from using leetspeak, chatspeak, non-English languages, or any form of communication that is difficult for others to understand. This forum wishes to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism in its member's actions, and facilitation of clear communication aids greatly.

No toilet humor

Although it has become quite popular in the internet (oddly enough) toilet humor is not allowed in the forums. It promotes an image we do not wish to familiarize with Mata Nui Incorporated or Plast! Productions.

No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit content

Retaining professionalism for the forums requires that users do not post, send, or discuss any sexual or adult content. If it's images, discussion or otherwise -- it's not allowed. As there has been quite a few flamed discussions on this rule in other known forums, we wish to clear up that this rule is clearly not an attempt to offend anyone's freedom of speech or rights. It is merely a simple limitation meant to promote a clean, wholesome, professional atmosphere. Punishment shall be given depending on the offense -- banning is one of them. This rule includes signatures, avatars, and personal messages.

No religious content

Religious messages, signatures, avatars and posts are not allowed. Messages like "Jesus is proud of you" or "I am proud to be a Christian" are not allowed to be placed on avatars, signatures and personal messages either. Quotes form any religious text are not permitted to be posted either. If a member is found to be provoking or mocking another member for his religious beliefs, then the action taken by the Administration might result in banning. See the first heading of this post for more info on provoking fellow members.

Political Content is not tolerated

Discussion, signatures, messages or avatars that contain political content are not allowed. This rule includes topics such as abortion, gun control, any statement promoting or insulting certain political ideologies, etc. Action will be taken against those who have ignored this rule.

Sites with heavy sexual, political and religious content are not allowed to be linked

If a site is found to have sexual, heavy political, and / or religious content, it is best that it is not linked to. As we cannot control the contents of other sites, we ask our users to always first consider the content that is provided at a site they wish to show other members here.

User the Spoiler Tag

If a member has not yet seen a movie, read a book, or has yet to catch up with a story you have already read / seen, remember to not spoil critical elements of the story for them. Use the spoiler tag -- the easiest way to hide your message. Most members do not like to have a movie / book spoiled just because they decided to check the forum.

Post in the correct forum

We've got a forum Compendium (see below) which explains the purpose of the forums. Remember to always pick the right forum for your subject: Is it a certain idea you've got for a project? Or is a movie review? Always post the correct topics in the correct forums. This way, navigating the forum becomes a pleasant experience.

Sites that may contain viruses or malware are not allowed to be linked to

If members are found to intentionally post sites that contain viruses, trojan virus, worms, pop-up windows and useless advertisements that may harm the users of the forums, severe punishment will be given from the Administration Team.

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3 Chatbox Rules on 7th July 2011, 12:37 pm




Rules and Guidelines: Chatbox

What is the "Chatbox" ?

The chatbox is the little module found at the very end of every page. You can access the discussion by clicking 'Log in'. To leave the chatbox, you can click 'Log out'; this doesn't log you out of your account; just from the chatbox, so you won't be able to view or respond to the discussion in it. If you want to find previous discussion that isn't viewable when you're logged in the chabox, you can click 'Archives'. (This will deactive the option to view the messages that show who has been connected and disconnected, neither will it display in the archives when someone connects/disconnects. Messages that have been cleared cannot be viewed in the archives.


The rules of the forum apply fully to the chatbox, with a few exceptions. Spamming is allowed to some extent, however, pointless messages such huge walls of letters are not allowed. Also, don't forget other people can, and will get bothered of large images, and random gibberish all the time. If someone politely asks you to stop, do so.

The Administration makes on exception to the no-cursing rule, exclusively for the chatbox: As four cursing words are commonly used as daily expressions, and therefor are part of relaxing and having fun in the chatbox, they are allowed to be used. These include (highlight): b*stard, h*ll, d*mn, and cr*p.

Chatbox Moderators

You can find people who are chat mods by looking at the '@' in their name. For example, here, Riglax is a chat moderator, while Razgriz 1 isn't. Becoming a chat mod is based on your interaction with other members, and the skill you can display to moderate a discussion so it doesn't get out of hand. Chat mods who abuse power will be demoted, while people who seam to be skillful with discussion will be given such a rank.

It is also important to note that the chat moderators team isn't something to be handled lightly -- it comes with the responsibility of enforcing several small rules. Thus, for intends and purposes, the team was cut down to include less people that it previously did, in attempts to establish a better hierarchy.

Chatbox Commands

Installed by the software provider,, are several chatbox commands: a series of codes you can use to display/moderate messages and users. Note that some commands only work for moderators. Below is a chart of these codes:


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4 Contact Us on 7th July 2011, 1:05 pm




Contact Us


Riglax (MNI CEO) - Head Administrator and Webmaster
Legolover-361 (MNI COO) - Webmaster
Tyler Durden (Plast! CEO) - Webmaster
Purmou (Plast! CIO) - Admin
Bioran23 (Plast! Chairman) - Admin
Celu (MNI Board Chairman) - Former Head Administrator and Webmaster, Admin
The Dark Hunter (MNI Board Vice Chairman) - Admin, Former Webmaster


Lord Nektann (SMSS Head) - Head Moderator
Rahkashi (KJP Board Member) - Moderator
GoldenTahu (AC, TM Head) - Moderator
Skarloth (MNI Honorary) - Moderator
MrSciFiGuy (MNI Voice Div. Head) - Moderator
MicroSnipe (MNI Music Div. Head) - Moderator

Text-Based RPG Moderation

Tyler Durden (Plast! CEO) - RPG Head Moderator
Skarloth (MNI Honorary) - RPG Moderator
The Shadowed - RPG Moderator
Drake - RPG Moderator

Contact Info

All Administrators are available at

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5 Re: Rules and Guidelines on 9th August 2011, 5:02 pm



MNI Board Chairman

MNI Board Chairman
I'd like to reaffirm that no cursing beyond the two words or political discussion is tolerated.

Punishment will be given.

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