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There's no place like Home

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1 There's no place like Home on 15th July 2011, 12:23 am



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member

My home...

My home is large, my home has the colors of the spectrum all over the place... red... blue.. green... tan... white... black. My home is full of people, there are many people, small people, tall people, powerful people.

They call my home Tarmaris, it's a planet with no moons, and one sun. There is a large ocean and a lot of land to see. There are a lot of continents here, all with different colors and people. The continent I live on is called Pyron, and on Pyron, it is hot, and everyone sweats all day long, sometimes people get sick from the heat, and they have to be taken away.

I got used to the heat, because I live there, but some people call me strange. My family doesn't think I'm strange, they say that I'm just special, I don't know what they mean, but I do love them, so I accept what they say.

--- 1/12/700

My family and are going to another continent today, and they call it Aoalus. There are a lot of plants there, and a lot of big trees, one of my brothers climbed to the top of a tree, and almost fell.

We went to a city in the middle of the plants, and it was very busy there, we were there to see a doctor about my little sister. My parents took her there to see the doctor, because she got sick from the heat, the doctor said that it wasn't heat, and that they need to look at her more.

I want my little sister back, but the doctors say they're still finding out what's wrong with her, I think she should just go home. My parents say that she needs to stay, and that she'll be okay.

--- 1/13/700

We left the city to go back home, but we couldn't find one of my brothers, so my dad went to look for him. We had to go on without them, and they haven't come back yet, and my mom is worried about them.

We came back to our house, and the front door was open, with one of the hinges missing, my mom and brother ran inside to see what happened, and I heard my mom crying inside.

I walked inside to see what happened, and my brother met me at the door, keeping me from going inside. I wanted to see what was going on, and I tried to get past my brother, but he ended up pinning me to the ground, and holding me there.

He started crying too, and I didn't know what to do.

--- 1/17/700

My dad and brother came back, but they didn't bring my sister, my parents never told me what happened to our house, but my dad said that I didn't want to know. I decided to leave it alone.

--- 1/31/700

Two weeks have gone by, and my parents are still worried about my sister. The doctor came to see us, and told my parents something sad. I was able to sneak up to the door where they had been talking, and I listened to them all talking.

My sister was gone. She had died, and they didn't know why. I went to my room and laid down, I went to sleep, and I didn't want to wake up.

--- 2/5/700

My dad told us that we are moving to Neptaka, Maitua, a floating city. I don't want to leave our home, but my dad says that we might get sick and die too. When we moved to the new city, it seemed to be a nice place, and we all liked it, we all agreed to stay.

The Bortan told the world about something called a Rift, and they said that there were bad people coming from this thing. They said this Rift was bad, and it was on Braico, so they called the bad people there Broca.

The Bortan said that the bad people came from somewhere else, like another world, and they told us something about that every person on Tarmaris had a Broca double.

When a Broca comes over to this world, the person they are the double of start dying, because two of the same thing can't be in the same reality or something. My parents think my sister died because of these Broca people, and the doctors agree with them.

--- 2/10/700

My parents say there's a war going on, and that we have to get rid of the Broca people, or else we all die... this is my home, and my home is under assault, again.


So yeah, C&C is awesome, this SS is based off the RPG my and (A friend) are writing together. Smile

I'm guess the person writing this is either... really young, or autistic... not sure yet which one. But interpret it as you choose, I can't tell you how to think of this.


The Grand Creation...

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