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MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member
Post your approved profiles here for the Tunnel RPG. :3

Team 1:

Nakulo - Controlled by Lord Nektann
Nova - Controlled by Legolover-361

Team 2:

Grotir - Controlled by The Shadowed
Mangai - Controlled by The Shadowed


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The Grand Creation...

Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Name: Nakulo
Species: Skakdi
Kanohi: N/A (Cause he likes his face)
Appearance: Very tall and purple-hued armor along with a seeming inability to grin like all Skakdi. He has very powerful muscles
Power: Water
Rahi: Lohrak
Abilities: Ice vision and text 'unscrambling' to render secret notes unreadable
Equipment: Talon
Personality: Nakulo is very confident in his abilities and has exceptional mastery of his army. He is extremely quick to notice errors in army structure and fix them. If he was only a warrior he'd overstep his bounds.
Bio: His parents named Nektann after the real Nektann, which ended up being a common name in the warlord Nektann's empire to glorify their great leader. Nektann rose to the rank of a divisional commander in the warlord Nektann's army, and has been an honorable but troublesome leader. He changed his name to Nakulo to avoid mass confusion.

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member
Darnit, LN, hold that post, you need to get approved in the to-be created discussion topic. XD

Making that right now.


The Grand Creation...

4 Team 2 Profiles: Grotir and Mangai on 10th October 2011, 7:00 am

The Shadowed


RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Grotir
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Female
Appearance: A large and noticeably female Vortixx with large enough muscles to be called an 'Amazon', but still moderately attractive by most standards. Grotir wears a belt on her waist with different pouches for ammunition, as well as a holstered pistol on her right hip. On her back she has strapped, by means of a belt that runs across her left shoulder and down to her right hip, both a combat shotgun and a macuahuitl, both their butts sticking up over her left shoulder.
Weapon(s): (1) Combat Shotgun-Grotir's long-range means of attack is a pump-action combat shotgun with six shells, chosen for its reliability and capability to spread out medium- sized shells. While she most often uses it at a longer range than her other weapons, Grotir has no qualms about blasting targets with it within close proximity of their bodies.
(1) Macuahuitl-For closer ranges, Grotir usually fights with her macuahuitl to tear into foes and to block what little she must. Its obsidian has been replaced with blood-red ruby.
(1) Revolver Pistol-The Vortixx carries a .500 revolver with room for ten cordak bullets. It plays a backup role in conjunction with her other weapons, and is most commonly used when she's run out of shotgun shells within the gun and has no time to reload or draw her macuahuitl.
As well, Grotir has trained in a martial art similar to Tiger Kung Fu with elbowing, the axe kick, and usage of claws which keeps her very physically fit. However, she rarely uses it due to preference of her weapons.
Power: None
Transformation: An Artakha Bull
Bio: Grotir has long been a sociopathic and somewhat sadistic warrior, feeling that other people aren't worth as much as herself, but has never been intentionally condescending about it. She's apathetic towards much of life, figuring that she only has a limited time to live, so why not use it fighting? Her mindset isn't so much ruthless as it is not even bothering to consider another option, and she doesn't really think much of other people in general-literally. When she first heard of The Tunnel, she signed up readily.

Name: Mangai Tahu Lys'Muaka
Species: Fe-Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mangai looks to be a lithe gunmetal toa with burnt orange highlights wearing a Great Matatu with a scope and a gray top hat. He has restless light blue eyes and also wears a great gray waistcoat, along with some boots, pants, and gloves of the same color. The haft of a makrigga pokes over his right shoulder, and the hilt of a zweihander, his left. Within Mangai's coat (and his hat) are his weapons hidden.
Weapon(s): Mangai can use almost any weapon; however, for his stay in The Tunnel, he only chose several:
(1) Makrigga-One of Mangai's favorite weapons, which he typically uses to stave off or spear enemies. It can also be thrown.
(1) Zweihänder-Mainly used by him at a shorter range than the makrigga, to block or hack and stab. However, he rarely uses it for a great length, due to the sheer strength it requires without using his powers.
(1) Urumi-Another of Mangai's favorite weapons. Used often to take on multiple enemies at once at slightly closer ranges than the zweihander, and often is used in conjunction with another weapon.
(2) Hunga munga-Due to the fact that attacks in The Tunnel are usually ambushes, the Fe-Toa uses these at closer ranges than the urumi. However, he will throw them if he needs to quite well.
(5) Ballistic knives-While Mangai does know how to throw knives, he prefers the surprise factor of the ballistic knife, as well as the fact that he can wield them twixt his teeth more effectively and in close combat in general.
Power: Mangai can control Iron at a toa level, manipulating/controlling/absorbing it, etc. However, he is surprisingly both imaginative and efficient with this power, having honed it to such a degree that he can use precisely enough power for any usage of his element, and creative enough to come up with literally ANY usage in the first place.
One of his favorite, and signature, tactics, is subtly controlling the armor and metallic parts of his allies while watching their backs. This allows him to enhance their force to near-irresistible levels as well as allowing Mangai to maneuver them out of harm's way in time if they cannot dodge an attack, or simply to keep their balance. The only other technique unique to Mangai is compressing the metal within his and others' armor and turning it into hyper-sharp weapons in mere seconds which are able to shear clean through rock. He often uses this second favorite to surprise would-be ambushers by suddenly extending blades from his back.
Transformation: Mangai transforms into a Giant (as in, double the normal size), amphibious Northern Pacific Giant Octopus that is lightly armored. He actually doesn't mind the sheer strangeness of this, though, as its many arms and surprising strength give him the ability to take on just as many opponents at once as he can normally; that is to say, a fairly large number alone. Plus, his flexibility in the other form, as well as ability to spew ink and many tentacles are useful tools alongside his snapping beak.
Personality: Mangai almost completely contrasts with Grotir. Where Grotir is wholly insensitive socially, Mangai always thinks carefully when talking to others before stating his opinion and do so in such a way that it is impossible, in his opinion, to misconstrue the statement. Where Grotir is lax, Mangai is incredibly restless and never feels quite comfortable with taking anything easy, leading to him often taking things literally and refusing to believe that others are sincere when they give him compliments or tell him they want to be in a positive relationship with him.
This leads to Mangai harboring a secret paranoia and to always stay on the edge, planning, honing, ready to fight. However, there is one thing that does keep Mangai leading a tolerable relationship with Grotir: Their love of combat. Although the Fe-Toa makes it his principle to shun combat and never signed up for the tournament-even in a spar-with the trauma of the tunnel which he has found himself in, he has adapted to love it. Now Mangai is an adrenaline junkie, living for the rush of combat (even though he won't admit it outright), giving them something in common.

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Name: Nova
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal size, light blue armor, silver undertones
Weapon(s): Sword with unusually long hilt
Power: Fire (that's blue)
Transformation: Kane-Ra Bull
Bio: Nova was once a well-known Toa of Fire in Metru Nui. Hearing of a grand tournament, he made his way down south to wherever the tournament was to be held (now he forgets where), and entered. What seemed like a minute later, he awoke in the first tunnel.

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