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The Dawn

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1 The Dawn on 3rd January 2012, 1:00 am



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
This is your fault, LL. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS.

The golden-orange light of dawn greeted a quaint village with a new day, casting its warm, gentle rays upon the waking countryside. Raising the sun was always a favorite activity of Princess Celestia, one of two godlike alicorns who ruled the country, and each day, she did so without fail. She often found it fun to challenge herself, to try and make each sunrise as beautiful as possible. Today was no exception.

Indside the village, the birds heralded the new day with enthusiastic chirps and calls, filling the area with an almost musical ambience. Soon, some of the earlier risers in the village now wandered the streets, talking with friends and making their morning commutes. If one listened intently, they might have heard faint, distant whoops of excitement as a certain rainbow-maned mare practiced her acrobatics high above.

Some others, however, were not so enthusiastic, having spent long nights at work. One of these ponies in particular was Drake, a newcomer to the village. He had recently purchased a house for sale a little ways outside the main square, Sunheim. Now as the warm rays shone through his window, the pony slowly awakened, and rose.

He was a young stallion, not much older than a certain librarian who lived nearby. He was tall and strong, standing a fair amount higher than most of the other citizens of Ponyville. His coat was a slate grey, and his mane and tail, both of middling length and ending in somewhat rough spikes, were the color of charcoal, almost black. Emblazoned on his hindquarters, his cutie mark was the silvery-gray symbol of a dragon, denoting his talent for the Voice. Across his snout there was a thin scar, an old, now healed wound from an attack by a pack of wolves in his youth. In his intense golden eyes, there was a certain hardness and strength of spirit, a testament to his experience as a warrior, and from his head, there protruded a single horn.

Experience that may prove useless, he thought, recalling his arrival in the village just the day before. From what he saw, violence seemed to be non-existent in this village, and camraderie and friendship were valued extremely highly. The stallion chuckled wryly. "Nothing like home," he muttered, glancing out the window to briefly observe the waking town.

Indeed, Equestria could not be more different from the land Drake called home. Northeast of the continent that held Equestria, there was Tamrein, a vast landmass separated from equestria by an even more massive sea. Drake was a Nordic Pony, hailing from Skyrim, the Northernmost province of Tamrein. Almost a year ago, the warrior had left the country for Equestria, on a joint request by both Jarl Balhoof the Greater and the Greytails. As much as Drake argued, the two superiors (as it turned out, the Jarl did have authority over him, even though he was Thane) were adamant about their decision, and refused to divulge a reason why he needed to leave.

That had irritated him to no end. What was worse, even Paarthurnax, the ancient, wise leader of the Greytails, had backed them, and was just as willing to withold information from him. It seemed nobody trusted him with the knowledge of why he was sent away, not even his closest friends. Not even his housecarl, Lydia, who was his most loyal ally, would speak a word beyond. "You must head for Equestria, my Thane."

"I hope they're doing okay..." he mumbled, eyes filled with worry. Truth be told, he had not left Skyrim at the most appropriate time. The Dragon Crisis was still in full swing; even though Drake had defeated Alduin, the World-Eater and dragon responsible for resurrecting the others, there was no shortage of members of this ancient, powerful race. He didn't like the situation one bit. Even with the combined efforts of Paarthurnax, (a dragon himself), Odahviing (a dragon who had pledged his loyalty to Drake), and the Blades (a group of Dragonslayers who were currently training Drakes's companions in his absence), he still felt that there was too much risk of the region being conquered by the dragons.

"Seriously," he grumbled. "I'm the Dovahkiin. A born dragonslayer, the only one who can kill them off for real. What kind of nonsensical reason could they have for sending me away?" he asked aloud, reaching for a letter given to him by a courier on the day of his begrudging departure. Some odd spell had to have been placed on the wretched note, no matter how hard he tried, he simply was incapable of opening it. As annoying as this was, it had given him something to do during those long months at sea.

Concentrating, he willed the letter to open, drawing on his innate magic as a unicorn. His horn began to glow a bright goldish-yellow as the etheral power flowed through it, levitating the letter, which was surrounded by a similar aura.

To his suprise, the wax seal finally broke. Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he gazed again at the piece of paper and realized that he had truly managed it. Commanding the note to float closer, he eagerly began to read.


You're probably wondering just what the heck was making this letter so hard to open. By the time you read this, I figure it'll be safe to tell you this, and a few other things. It was rather simple, really. We just asked the the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold to place a ward on this note, which would not break until you reached Equestria. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there is a certain Magic in that realm.

In any case, I'm sure you're also questioning why you were sent away from Tamrein in it's entirety, and not just Skyrim. The Jarl of Whitegallop, plus a few others that you've come to know, have agreed that it would be beneficial to build a good relationship with Equestria, perhaps even form an alliance. Interestingly enough, this seems to be the one thing that both the Stormcoats and the Empire agree on. Also, we've heard rumors of the Dragon Cult rising up again, and even without a few Dragon Priests to lead them, they're still a formidable threat. Before you ask why you shouldn't be there to help, you need to know that they're likely only after one pony: You.

As for the Dragons, Esbern and I've managed to come to something of an agreement with the Greytails. Your companions, such as Lydia, Sven, and others have all agreed to be trained both as Blades by us, and as Tounges by the Greytails. They'll fill the void left by you quite nicely, I think.

Don't worry about us, Drake. This land belongs to us, and us alone. We've driven off the Dragons before, and we can hold them off now. If things get really bad, we'll contact the Princesses that rule this land, and they can send you over to help deal with whatever it is that we'd need you for. Otherwise, just take a breather, and live in Ponyville for a while. You've more than earned this.



Drake absorbed this information thoroughly, with a thoughtful grimace on his muzzle. Sure, this was a well thought out plan, but he still didn't like being so far from home, so unable to respond to any threats. But the more he thought about it, the less worried he became, oddly enough.

He gave a small sigh. I guess I'll trust you guys on this one. he thought, throwing the letter onto his bed and trotting out of the room. Even through all of his mirth, worry, and fear thanks to this turn of events, he couldn't help but give a small, excited grin. He was in a whole new world, full of wonders and beauty that rivaled that of Tamrein, easily. How could he resist feeling some anticipation?

Eating a small breakfast of oats, the Nordic Pony soon found himself staring at the doorway of Sunheim. So used to the harsh, dangerous lands of Skyrim, his eyes drifted over to his bedroom, where his Dragonplate armor layed in a heap in a corner. Will I really need it? he asked himself, amber eyes ponderous and skeptical. He glanced outside, taking in the sights of the town around him for what they were worth.

A smirk and a laugh came from the Dragonborn, as he chided himself for becoming a creature of routine.

"Nah." he said, with the oddest feeling in his gut. It was like he had butterflies flying around in there. "Would you look at that," he said, "I guess this place's got me all excited!"

With a content sigh and a shake of the head, he opened the door. No need to worry about Tamrein, it was in good hands. Today was the beginning of a new tale, of a new adventure, of a new life. And by Ysmir, he was gonna make it a good one.

2 Re: The Dawn on 3rd January 2012, 4:29 am

Dov Kayranslayer


MNI Author

MNI Author

Balhoof and the Greytails

... jesus christ


f__k you man


Bow low, you stand before a head crowned.
And you are?
A friend of nonhumans. I have an offer.
I can add several more heads to this one, all crowned.

Go on.
I want no gold, and have no interest in a killer's fame.
Why do you wish them dead then?
It's a long story.
Prepare to fight, and ready yourselves to avenge your fallen king!
King or beggar, what's the difference? One
d'hoine less.
I'm no avenger of orphans. No executioner for hire.
I'm a witcher.

3 Re: The Dawn on 3rd January 2012, 10:20 am



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff

lol i trol u

but yeah

not my finest moment


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