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Use your Emotes carefully!

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1 Use your Emotes carefully! on 12th October 2010, 10:24 pm

Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Use Smile when you are happy

Use Rolleyes when you did something funny that you don't want people to see

Use: Facepalm when you did something really, really stupid

Use Tongue when you did something kind of weird, use like XD. Also only Celu can use it for anything

Use Cool for something awesome

Use Sad for something awful

Use Wink for something that makes no sense to someone that you need to explain it to. Celu may use it for anything.

Use Huh for something awkward

Use Evil or Very Mad for something weird when you are feeling evil

Use Twisted Evil when you are agreeing with an evil thing

Use Surprise when something shocking happens

Use Smile when something epic happens

Use LOL when someone says something funny

Use Angry for when you are pretending to be mad

Use Shrugs when you shrug

Use Cry when you are outright bawling

Use AAAAAA slightly paradoxical things, Bohrok, idiots, crazy things, trying to figure out science

Use Jedi in Star Wars RPG, mock fights, or for a coolness level, or anything (if you are Mangai)

Use Roll on floor laughi for something so awesome that it is funny

Use Head Bang when you are really mad at a stupid thing you did

Use when you love a thing

Use Banana Dance for randomness or to indicate Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Use Lock for lol factor or locking things

Use I hate spam! when the chatbox is spammy

Use pARTY when there's a party

Use Head Bang when you are being awesome, or signifying awesoming things

Use Bow down when thanking a member, signifying authority, or par-taking and LN's server skit

Use uh-huh when something unacceptable happens

Use Sly when tricking someone, or doing an odd comment

Use :><: when vexed at oneself

Use Evil Grin when plotting domination or highlighting one's evilness.

Use Talk to the Hand when you are through with talking to annoying people

Use Puke right before you are going to hurl

Use Blushing when acting humble

Use Harhar when taunting someone

Use Joy in moments of extreme joy

Use Wow when something just so awesome happened

Use Blink when something really odd that warrants a confused 'huh' occures

Use Dazed when confused after recovering from a physical shock

Use Winner when discussing Bohrok-Kal, large 01-02 sets, and winning

Use Amazed when realizing something huge

Use Popcorn when watching and enjoying something

Use Surrender when giving in to an argument or fight

Use OMG for discussing amazing AND shocking things

Use Dunno for expressing that you don't know what to do

Use Apocalypse when discussing the apocoalypse or possibly something so crazy that it seems mind blowing

Use Unsure when not sure, but a little on the spot

Use Confused when confused by a verbal barrage

Use Whining when you realize something awful happened

Use Ninja when really scared or ninjas

Use Mad when you are STARK RAVING MAD

Use Alien when discussing ailens, little green men, and Toy Story

Use Pirate when talking about pirates or Cap'n Celu

Use :*takeapicture* when you see something record worthy

Use ^_^ when slightly satisfied

Use What when a sentence doesn't make sense

Use Alert when discussing alerts, breakouts, or server wars

Use Glare when someone ignores you

Use Witch when it makes sense

Use Sick when you feel a sickness

Use Overjoyed if you are really REALLY happy

Use Bored when nothing happens

Use Music when discussing music and iPods/Zune's

Use sleep when you are asleep

Use :grr: when something makes you want to go GRR

Use :heart: in sentences to replace heart

Use Dribble if you are viewing something eic

Use Look Here when referring an important document

Use Thumbs up when you can't say thumbs up

Use Drooling when thinking about something awesome

Use Hehe when discussing something with an implied meaning

Use Patriot when being patriotic

Use Wake Up when bored and in the morning

Use Dunce when feeling like an idiot after a realization

Use Beg when begging someone

Use Love Sign to express love covertly

Use Whistling to try and be ignored in a fight

Use Zip Lip when hiding secrets

Use Happy when really happy and don't like the ;D emote

Use Sarcasam when sarcastic

Use Sob when sobbing

Use Baaa because you can

Use Roftl when something is epicly funny, but not like the other one

Use Mellow when slightly stunned or bored

Use UK when being patriotic to the UK

Use Canada Flag when being patriotic to Canada

Use Annoyed when you are slightly annoyed at yourself

Use Blink when blinking stunned

Use Cool if you are LL

Use Facepalm 2 When you did something mildly odd

Use Fear when you are afraid

Use afro when you are bored of the other afro

Use Wink to convey winking

Use Awesome Boom when discussing something very awesome, too awesome to be controlled or understood

Use AAA Boom when discussing paradoxes, llamas, things that make not a lot of sense at all, something amazing

Use Cheer Up when cheering up someone

Use Glomp when hugging a person (Aderia)

Use Hug when hugging someone hard against their will (Aeria)

Use lol! when trying to signifying something funny

Use Banana Computer when being random or discussing Sumiki

Use Sissy Fight when partaking in a sissyfight

Use Ninja Poke when you feel you were randomly bothered

Use Loading... when displaying emotes, to have a fun laugh, talking about loading bars

Use Penguin Glomp to show you love penguins

Use Dance 1 to dance hard

Use Chase to chase a person

Use Panic 1 To run for the hills after something bad went on

Use Chicken Dance for randomness or chicken talk

Use Eating to eat

Use Sigh to sigh

Use Yoshi to be random or show Yoshi

Use Win when something wins

Use Octopus Attack in fights or to show helplessness, only Aero can use it for anything

Use Snail to be a snail

Use Jellyfish to be a jellyfish

Use :yawn1: to yawn

Use :drums1: Guitar 1 Vocals Guitar 2 Keyboard in conjunction as a band. Or use one to signify that one thing

Use Llama Dance to be a llama

Use [URL=http://www for anything (Soundwave only)

Use Afro to be epicly cool

Use On Fire to signife you or a thing is on fire

Use USA, UK,Canada, and Australia to display flags

Use Angry Shake for annoying stuff, annoying video game levels

Use :;yayz: to dance with someone

Use Kiss to kiss someone

Use Yahoo for incredibly happy/incredible/shocking things

Use Forced Hug when you force someone to hug you

Use Howdy to say Howdy

Use Director to say SHUT UP or referring to SPIRIT

Use Noooo for awful things or reffering to SPIRIT

That's all folks

Last edited by Lord Nektann on 13th October 2010, 10:23 am; edited 1 time in total

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head

2 Re: Use your Emotes carefully! on 12th October 2010, 11:30 pm




...Just how long did this take to put together?

Also, Cool

User: You know, I need sleep.
Cleverbot: You don't sleep.
User: Do you watch me?
Cleverbot: When you sleep.

[21:17:07] @ Legolover-361 : Ads, you do realize that if I came, I wouldn't eat what a stranger baked anyway, right? Tongue
[21:17:22] @ Tyler St. Francis : But you'd eat what I baked, right bro?
[21:17:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:24] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:30] Aderia : left
[21:17:41] @ Tyler St. Francis : dead center



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member


P.S I'm not actually mad about this but I can use Emotes how I wish. XP

The Grand Creation...

4 Re: Use your Emotes carefully! on 13th October 2010, 10:15 am

Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head
Legolover-361 wrote:...Just how long did this take to put together?

Also, Cool

An hour and a half.

And Kazi, you actually used that emote perfectly

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head

5 Re: Use your Emotes carefully! on 13th October 2010, 4:03 pm




So, you sat down and wrote this? Tongue


Cleverbot: Do you like Pinkie Pie?
User: I hate ponies.
Cleverbot: Why would you hate ponies?
User: Because they are made in china?
Cleverbot: True.

6 Re: Use your Emotes carefully! on 13th October 2010, 4:12 pm

Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head
Riglax wrote:So, you sat down and wrote this? Tongue

Oh yeah Cool

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head

7 Re: Use your Emotes carefully! on 17th October 2010, 9:33 am

The Shadowed


RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
FYI, it's the Good Captain Bioran, not Cap'n Clue Harhar

This list is trying to impose its beliefs upon me Talk to the Hand

Must...Destroy... Octopus Attack

See, you can use your emotes whenever you feel like it, however you feel like it Harhar

...Though, this is a pretty useful guide.

"Remember me when the sky becomes darkened with danger, seeded with opportunity."

"Remember me when fall the tears that rejuvenate in their sobering."

"Remember me when it rains."

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