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Welcome to the Mata Nui Incorporated and Plast! Productions forums. We're two organizations composed of enthusiastic teenagers who want to entertain others. We all want to do stuff, whether it is making websites, creating publications, performing experimentations, and philosophize. Our current focus is to provide fun content for LEGO fans, while reviving interest in the BIONICLE fanbase as well. Here's a few links to get you to know us better:

Mata Nui Inc and Plast! -- Who are we and what we do

All our available content and publications can be found on KanohiJournal Publications ( More links on our specific projects can be found in the menu bar or the link that was provided above.

If you are looking to apply as a potential member, please contact us on or You can as well join the forums and contact one of the administrators for a job application.

Thank you,

The Administration

A meeting was held on Saturday March 24, at approximately 10:00 PM EST. The highlights of the meeting have been posted at the aforementioned link. If you have time, please review the meeting highlights.
We need judges for Lesovikk's Hiatus, which has now returned as a fanon contest. Apply here!
Get cracking quickly for now Altum Bellum chapters can be claimed right here.
The Grand Creation serial, part of the Ancient Chronicle saga has been completed. Shortly the serial will be uploaded to KJP -- a big thank you to all the contributors!
WARNING: Custom domain expired. You can all return to the base domain,
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About Us

Welcome to the Mata Nui Inc and Plast! Productions forums. We are two internet-based organizations made up of a bunch of enthusiastic teenagers, who all want do stuff. Whenever it's making websites, publications, or making entertaining content for LEGO fans. Currently, we are focused on providing content for LEGO fans, and reviving interest in the BIONICLE community. All our current running projects and products are available on KanohiJournal Publications.

If you're looking to apply as a potential member, please join the forums and follow the introductions that will be messaged to you.

Plast! Productions is an international organization, composed of teenagers and young adults, whose aim is to make the world a better place through various projects, both within the local community and online. In cyberspace, Plast! Productions also works towards providing entertainment services primarily through websites. In particular, the KanohiJournal Brand section of Plast! Productions aims to provide high-quality entertainment and active projects participation by young adults and children around the world.

If you wish to join Plast! Productions, contact us at

Mata Nui Incorporated ("Mata Nui Inc." or "MNI" for short) on the other hand, is an internet-based organization currently under sixty percent ownership of Plast! Productions, made up of LEGO and BIONICLE fans. We are working hard to provide entertaining content for LEGO fans, while continuing BIONICLE's legacy primarily through downloadable content and websites. Like Plast!, Mata Nui Inc is also composed of enthusiastic teenagers who wish to entertain others. Currently, Mata Nui Inc. is focused on it's partnership with Plast!, whom together they run and operate the fan-made publications website, KanohiJournal.

Contact us on by sending a sample of your work related to the job you want. Currently-available jobs are listed below:

Writers (2-4)
Artists (Unlimited ATM)
Modelers (Unlimited)
MOCers (2-4)
Musicians (Unlimited ATM)
Voice Actors for Their Mistake: Various voices (3)

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