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The Coliseum

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1 The Coliseum on 2nd September 2011, 7:20 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
yeah post your profiles here kthx.

Name: Castor Troy
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Skinny and anemic. Very handsome, with brilliant purple eyes and a charming grin. Leather sheath that holds a beautifully crafted sword with a lapiz lazuli (a stone corresponding with luck) built into a gilded hilt.
Element: Air
Kanohi: Mask of Intangibility
Powers: Air powers, including Vacuum.
Abilities: Born leader, smart, tactical genius, and charming.
Weakness(es): Rather cocky.
Weapons and Equipment: Two pistols and sword.
Personality: He's charming, flamboyant, free-spirited, and intellectual. A born leader, with philosophical bursts that can draw in people to lead him to the gates of hell and back. He is driven in the most dangerous kind of way, willing to die or kill in order to meet his end goals.
Bio:Not much is really known about Castor Troy, because not many people know him and those that do love him too damn much to sell him out to anyone who might be considered a spy. He was one of the two founders of the fight club project, owner of The Devil's Door, and an all around bro to anyone who can properly identify themselves as a Trojan, and a lot of people that aren't.

Name: Angelus Radke
Nicknames Angel Face (his known name; only Castor Troy knows his given name.)
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Very handsome and young looking. Skinny, but obviously built. He wears skinny jeans and t-shirts, has blue eyes, and has long blonde hair that falls softly along his shoulders.
Element: Air
Kanohi: Kakama
Powers: Air powers, including Vacuum.
Abilities: Charming, friendly, and level-headed. Very loyal.
Weakness(es): Sometimes will refuse to fight unless absolutely necessary, which means it could be a while before he has your back in a fight. Unless, of course, you're his friend.
Weapons and Equipment: Daggers and a pistol.
Personality: Friendly to a fault, loyal, and charming. Angel is always truthful and a brilliant friend to anyone who needs friendship, which happens to include a lonely, rebellious Toa of Air by the name of Castor Troy. The two share a strong friendship which was rumored by several to have evolved to some kind of deeper level, though, of course, they are just rumors, right?
Bio: Angel Face was a musician who was accused of a robbery he didn't commit back in his home on Le-Metru. He ended up making his way to Ta-Metru, meeting a young Toa named Castor Troy, who he immediately became friends with. Angel was one of the first to get the call about fight club, and he immmediately became one of the higher-ups of the whole organization.

Name: Jasik A'ranthee
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's not a bad looking guy, though he doesn't look at all captivating. He thinks he's Brad Pitt when in reality he's Edward Norton. Lithe and athletic-looking, with long brown hair and tattoos of a mystical origin across his upper chest.
Element: Fire/Shadow
Kanohi: Hau
Powers: Fire powers, including heat.
Abilities: Athletic, with decent strength and agility. Very persuasive.
Weakness(es): Ruthlessness.
Weapons and Equipment: Police issue pistol, two daggers, broadsword.
Personality: Ruthless, often being "the only one able to make the hard decisions." He's a leader by birth, though a very cold one at that. He's cocky, sarcastic, and moody, though likeable if you actually get to know him. He comes off as an butt, but he doesn't mean to; it's a byproduct of the hard lifestyle he was raised into.
Bio:Jasik is a Toa of Fire raised on the streets of Metru Nui. He and Castor Troy have known each other since they were children, and they've had a deep-seated dislike of each other since then, though the two have teamed up when the going gets tough, and Jasik is known to have displayed feelings of camaraderie, affection, and admiration for the Toa of Air. Jasik left Metru Nui twenty years ago for unknown reasons, but returned fifteen years later due to enemies he had made at his new home. The tattoos across his upper chest have been blessed in order to keep him cloaked from the wrath of those hunting him. He joined the MNPD upon his return and quickly shot up the ranks in the Ta-Metru district, eventually becoming lieutenant of the Southeastern Precinct.

Name: Emarosa Saporta
Nicknames: Ema (to Castor and sometimes Angel)
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Appearance: Stunningly beautiful, with light blue and black armor. She's slim, but not starved-looking; actually, she's very fit and trim.
Element: Lightning
Kanohi: Calix
Powers: Lightning powers
Abilities: Charming, funny, and playful enough to get what she wants out of most guys.
Weakness(es): Not exactly a fighter.
Weapons and Equipment: A small silenced pistol and her face.
Personality: Friendly, flirty, playful and fun normally, but without a doubt sharp as a knife when needed: she's been known to make grown fighters cry in The Devil's Door, and her slaps are well-renowned for being the hardest in Ta-Metru. She's lusted over by about three-quarters of the people in The Devil's Door. She's only good friends with a couple fighters, though: Castor and Angel, who once stopped speaking for almost a year over some incident in which Emarosa ended up wronged and depressed. This incident remains fresh in the minds of the people at the door, and to this day, it's the one taboo topic in the bar.
Bio:Emarosa was born in Ga-Metru to a family of police officers, and she hated it. She was too free-spirited to put on a uniform, so when she grew up, she moved to Ta-Metru to be a bartender, which she affectionately calls "psychology with free drinks and no degree." Her brother, Tillian, followed her to the District of Fire to become Captain of the Southeastern Precinct, which, coincidentally, held a small bar called The Devil's Door in its reach. Emarosa quickly became a favorite amongst bargoers in the region, known for her Protosteel sharp wit, keen intellect, understanding demeanor, and, well...her looks. Castor Troy refers to her affectionately as "the sister I never had" and is fiercely protective of her. The two definitely share some sort of bond: often, they spend entire nights staying up late talking to one another, and the two have shared kisses sometimes in moments of great stress or sadness, though they adamantly deny they're a couple.


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[14:42:39] @ Legolover-361 : Notice the name Tom Kenny.
[14:42:48] @ Legolover-361 : Notice also the Autobot names next to his.
[14:42:54] @ Tyler St. Francis : I know.
[14:43:28] @ Tyler St. Francis : More depressed that the bro who does Fred from Scooby-Doo voices three Decepticons.
[14:43:39] Universalis Oves : XD
[14:44:06] @ Riglax :
[14:44:14] @ Tyler St. Francis : "JINKIES, GANG! WE LOST SHOCKWAVE!"

2 Re: The Coliseum on 2nd September 2011, 7:21 pm

Lord Nektann


Solis Magna & Solar System Head

Solis Magna & Solar System Head
Name: Jamnicwo
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Garai
Appearance: Orange and white with purple streaks
Powers: Plasma, and has heat proof armor
Abilities: Perfect sniper
Equipment: Plasma Rifle
Personality: A gentleman, and speaks in archaic formal Matoran. He has an extreme dislike for anything authority related.
Bio: Jamnicwo is from a land where even a minor crime is considered a capital offense. He is very much feared and hated by all, and keeps people in line with his control over two elements. Jamnicwo has killed many in duels, and has never EVER lost a fight. Jamnicwo was in stasis for thousands of years as a result of Makuta, and was accidentally re-awakened a thousand years ago.

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about."

Lord Nektann, Nexus Tower Guides Head, and Solis Magna Guides Head

3 Re: The Coliseum on 2nd September 2011, 9:00 pm



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member
Name: Nufac
Species: Matoran
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blue bodied Matoran with silver streaks covering his body, except his arms, which appeared to be bandaged and burnt, he wears a hooded cloak most of the time, and paired with his stunning yellow eyes, its quite an intimidating sight for a Matoran.
Element: Was water, now is unknown.
Kanohi: Noble Hau
Powers: Can apparently feel presences, and any sort of power, whatever it may be, and wherever it is. He also seems to have the strength of a Toa, and the speed of one.
Abilities: See above
Weakness(es): Any kind of Mental abilities, apparently when Kayzata made a mental link with him, he shut him off accidentally from any other beings, and if said beings attempt to speak with him mentally, or try to do something to him mentally, immense pain ensues for him.
Weapons and Equipment: A slightly glowing sword just the right size for him, with a grandiose hilt and sheathe.
Personality: Nufac is normally kind to other people, unless they manage to upset him, then he becomes a tornado of anger, which he usually releases by tearing the person apart verbally. He won't speak to strangers for the most part, and he is usually rather secretive about his life, especially his past.
Bio: He has never told his past to anyone, only those who were on his former team knew his past life, and the only other active member, Zone, knows his secrets. He's kept his life under wraps from everyone, ever since he met Kayzata, he became unwilling to share his stories, it's unknown why, but he doesn't like to get into a discussion of his past.

Name: Zone
Species: Protobot (Ability to control his protodites freely lost when they became fused together)
Gender: Male
Appearance: A rather slim robotic being, only the size of a Matoran. He coloring is burnt orange and red, with bright white eyes.
Element: None
Kanohi: None
Weakness(es): None other than his small size, but his robotic strength makes up for that, as he can go toe to toe with the largest of Toa.
Personality: A normally quiet person, he will only speak if he wants to, or if it is necessary. Being mechanical and all, when he is confronted with a problem, he immediately seeks to solve it, using his high speed brain to quickly think of solutions.
Bio: Zone was one of the last every built Protobots, he worked for the Protobot company since practically the day he was built. However, when the Protobot HQ was destroyed, flattened, he was left without a job, and was one of the few Protobots left in existence. He joined a team of beings, made up of a Matoran, two Toa, a Skakdi, and one being that apparently had no others of its species. When Ansetr Derrum fell, he left with this group in a spacecraft named The Serpent of Darkness, leaving the small spheres to collapse and explode. After some traveling, and losses, they found themselves back in Metru Nui, with only three of them still in the group. THey lost one more member while trying to survive in the harsh city, and now it is down to just Zone, and Nufac, trying to survive Metru Nui.


The Grand Creation...

4 Re: The Coliseum on 5th September 2011, 3:02 pm




Name: Nova
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, skinny, light blue armor over silver under-armor
Element: Fire
Kanohi: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed
Abilities: Nova is agile and quick, with a sharp wit to boot.
Weakness(es): During periods of inactivity Nova drowns his impatience with drink after drink, with the result that he's little more than a drunkard when there's nothing to do. He's not very strong, tending to rely more on his speed to help him.
Weapons and Equipment: Sword with extra-long hilt, pistol
Personality: Nova is generally sociable, though his sense of humor is limited to little more than dark jokes and sarcasm. He can sometimes be a little too fond of alcoholic beverages for his own good. He loathes inactivity and people who promote it.
Bio: Nova was satisfied with his life until Dume came into power. When the Turaga vanquished the elections and effectively became dictator, Nova cursed to the heavens above and went underground. He learned the value of stealth and, after just a month, adapted to the nighttime streets of Metru Nui. The Devil's Door is the one place he feels comfortable at -- perhaps because the bar is the one place where his sorrow and frustration at Dume's dictatorship can be replaced by the cold numbness of drunken stupor.

EDIT: New profile!

Name: Xhana (ZAH-nuh)
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark blue armor with silver-white overtones; average size for a Toa; attractive
Element: Lightning
Kanohi: Mask of Possibilities
Abilities: Xhana isn't the most athletic Toa of Lightning. She's very logical, almost to the point of being cautious about everything. Cautious, that is, except when good-looking guys are involved.
Weakness(es): She's logical, but thinking every situations through makes her slow to act oftentimes. She has a bad habit of overthinking everything. Xhana tends to forget about her own mistakes, rather than learn from them.
Weapons and Equipment: Spear
Personality: Xhana is generally outgoing. She has a slightly overblown idea of her own attractiveness, though not overblown to the point of being unrealistic. She's a stickler for the rules -- except when good-looking guys are involved; at that point she throws common sense to the wind.
Bio: Xhana was (and still is) one of Dume's few true supporters. Her father was very rich; when Xhana determined to live on her own, her father provided enough money to buy a nice house in a safer part of Ta-Metru. Soon afterward, Xhana became a police officer to help support Dume from where she lived.

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[21:17:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
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5 Re: The Coliseum on 5th September 2011, 3:43 pm




Name: Kartah
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of air
Kanohi: A fused mask that has the powers of a Kualsi and Matatu shaped like a Vahi
Appearance: The sprite I used as my avatar
Powers: Elemental power of air
Abilities: He is extremely skilled in crafting virtually anything with the raw materials at hand. He also has an extremely strong mental shield.
Weakness(es): He can get himself into a LOT of trouble by talking way too much. Also, he cannot stand being wrong and will twist your words, his, or anyone elses to prove that he's right.
Equipment: He carries a war hammer and he also carries a pack with him that is full of crafting tools.
Personality: Kartah is very creative and never knows when to stop talking. He also has a very good memory and is somewhat of a perfectionist, always making sure that what he says or does is right. And even when he's wrong, if you know whats good for you, he's still right. He has little respect for anyone that has not earned it and is not afraid to say so, even to a superior officer.
Bio: Kartah was once a matoran on the island of Artakha, blah blah, Artakha made Kartah into a toa, blah blah, gave him training for combat and crafting, blah blah, and then he sent him here to be a cop. Why? I have no clue.



6 Re: The Coliseum on 15th March 2012, 10:46 pm




Name: Zarayna
Gender: Male.
Species: Toa.
Element: Iron.
Appearance: A short toa, slender and wiry, Zarayna is only a few inches over six feet, armored in a complex combination of protosteel chain mail and plate, arranged to give excellent protection and almost total free movement. The armor itself is a mottled green and grey by default, but shifts shade instantly to match the surroundings. Zarayna can also make his armor shift to any given color. His buckler is held at his right hip, and the cuisse has an indent and clamps that allow him to keep to there securely, yet draw it with a single pull.
Kanohi: Kakama, with a Mahiki for backup, and use in some forms of missions. Both have the same color and virtue as his armor.
Equipment: Armor and masks, described above.
-Crossbow: It's designed like a standard crossbows except for being made
completely out of protosteel, and being more compact. There is no string, and a canister of about sixty arrows are placed where a bolt would normally be put. On the ends of each bow limb are two small cylinders. When the trigger is pressed, a string of energy/electricity fires from each cylinder, hitting a propulsion mechanism, which fires a bolt at the power of a siege crossbow. The rate of fire is great; several bolts per second. It is automatic/semiautomatic, and can be set either way. He carries two spare canisters of bolts, and has many more at his base. lastly, the cylinder can be replaced by a small rocket, which he can guide via thought. He carries two on him, and has many more in his base.
Finally, he has a light protosteel arming sword, and a buckler. The buckler has the reflective power of Balta's blades.
Abilities: Zarayna is a fairly accurate shot with his crossbow, and skilled with sword and buckler. He has the elemental and kanohi control of a veteran toa.
Personality: Zarayna is a quiet person, hardly speaking unless he must. He is stubborn to the core, and most certainly does not conform with the toa code.
Bio: Little is known about Zarayna's past, except for his record on Stelt, Xia, and the continents for being a highly effective assassin. He is known in Metru Nui by none, but it is possible for several mysterious assassinations of city officials to be traced back to him, if one has that ability.

Name: Rornon
Gender: Male.
Species: Toa
Element: Gravity.
Appearance: Rornon is in actuality not a hulking giant, although he has quite broad and muscular. Instead of the standard armor of a toa, Rornon wears slightly bulky looking protosteel armor. It allows good movement,and very high protection. His mask is also made of protosteel, and is affixed to the front of a helmet.
Kanohi: Matatu. Uses a Kakama as backup.
Equipment: Rornon's primary weapon is a protosteel longsword, which he has sheathed on his back. He carries a small rifle, which he prefers to use with both hands, but can be used with one. It can hold ammo, but it's primary projectile is air, fire, water, or acid which is sucked in, compressed within an energy sheath formed by the gun, and fired. The sheath works like a zamor, and allows the projectile to pass through armor, with the result of whatever inside the target's body.
Abilities: Rornon is stronger than the average toa, as strong as a po toa. He is a skilled warrior, and has a speed and agility that practically contradicts his bulky form.
Personality: Stubborn and fierce, Rornon has a tenancy to fight to the death, and never forgive. He has no tolerance for a fool, and is known to have wounded several who got on his nerves too much.


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As the opposite of what you say is true, your statement must be erroneous.

7 Re: The Coliseum on 16th March 2012, 1:36 pm

Old Man Isles

MNI Author

MNI Author
Name: Zlynn "Shady" Kervusti
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Element: Shadow
Appearance: Zlynn is a dashing Toa, features sharp and handsome. His armor is completely black, but more in a crystallized way than burnt or paint.
Weakness(es): Like any Kra-Toa, he dislikes light. Too much is detrimental to his health.
Kanohi: Kualsi
Equipment: Shady utilizes a medieval-style sword with a jeweled hilt a silver obsidian blade.
With his mask, he can teleport around to strike from different angles.
Fighting Skills:
Due to training, he has incredible skills in martial arts. He can fight many people at one time.
Personality: Shady has an obvious charisma to him, charming and pleasant. 
Bio: Shady always took a particular interest in combat. Being a hater of Dume's totalism, he took part in the fighting clubs, and soon gained a reputation as one of the best in the city.


8 Re: The Coliseum on 17th March 2012, 2:23 pm




Name: Atherac
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Usually wears gunmetal gray and black armor, along with a special Mask-helmet.
Element: Magnetism
Kanohi: A custom mask-helmet; allows him to create weapons from any available energy source, said weapons have attributes that correspond with the form of energy.
Powers: General Magnetism powers; can use combinations of his powers to form better energy weapons or manipulate energies.
Abilities: Working, brilliant, and quick-thinking.
Weakness(es): Kind of old; he's been through a lot that render him a little less agile than he used to be. His over-attention to detail sometimes gets him in trouble.
Weapons and Equipment: And axe which he can concentrate his energy weapons in, charging it up with any kind of form of energy, making him it more powerful. Any sort of weapons/staff that he can conjure using his mask.
Personality: Always willing to help, Atherac was once a bright warrior and the top of his class. He seeks perfection, quality work and loyaty. That was until Dume showed him what he really can do; now, he considers himself a failure, and spends most of his time being drunk.
Bio: Atherac used to be working in the Coliseum; his life changed when Dume took over, killed everyone he knew, then threw him on the streets. He's been attending Fight Clubs over since.

Name: Markan
Species: Skakdi
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bulky black and magma colored armor.
Element: Plasma
Kanohi: A black non-shapesifted Mohtrek.
Powers: Plasma elemental powers
Abilities: Agility, intelligence and high technological knowledge.
Weakness(es): Stubborn, high-tempered; gets provoked easily.
Weapons and Equipment: Dual plasma daggers that can shoot plasma bolts, but can be used as hyper-charged dagger/swords.
Personality: Always on the alert, Markan is free-minded Skakdi that was stationed in Metru Nui almost twenty years ago, always working hard to his way up.
Bio: Markan has been working as a technician in the Vahki construction facilities for well over ten years, and has been loyal to Dume. Secretly, he doesn't support Dume's new puppuet government, and has ties to some of the Fight Clubs, albeit not that many.


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