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The Vehicle Shop

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1 The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 12:48 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
Name: Dorian Shaddix
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Hau (formerly, destroyed by Kellin); Kakama
Appearance: Black armor, red mask. Dark blue eyes. Remarkably handsome, as though crafted from stone. Perfect physique.
Powers: Elemental fire power.
Abilities: Great aim with weapons, and perfect at finding an enemy's weak points. Very analytical.
Equipment: Two daggers, two pistols, sniper rifle, experimental shotgun (formerly, looted by Kellin and given to Cipher); Lancer, pistol.
Personality: During his jobs, he's calm and collected. When he's not, however, he's friendly, quirky, funny, and a kind soul to any who need help. He's had bad experiences with his family in the past, and if someone has any sort of familial troubles, he will stay with you until the very end.
Bio: Not much is really known about Dorian, since Vezok had all evidence of his past erased upon entering his employment. He serves as one of Vezok's best lieutanents in the field, and is often called in when something needs to be done that the Piraka can't handle himself. Like finding, capturing, and killing one of the leaders of a prison riot. He later switched sides, but his mental condition grew increasingly shaky with the stress of leading the prisoners, finally culminating in a mental breakdown induced by the killing of Kellin. He began hearing voices in his head directing him to Gaaki, and finally, he convinced the prisoners to go to Vezok's vehicle warehouse. What they saw shocked them to their core: the six Piraka standing atop dead bodies of mercenaries. A vicious battle ensued, and there emerged several portals, seperating the group. Reordin and Castor each ended up alone across the Matoran Universe, and the rest of the group emerged unscathed in a third, escaping the Piraka. They formed a resistance group across the Matoran Universe, ready to fight the growing Infection menace.

Name: Jakobiy Reordin
Gender: Male
Species: Ko-Matoran
Kanohi: Huna
Appearance: Tall, lithe, lightly armored. Has a dagger at each thigh, both charged with electricity, and a thin projectile weapon of his own design on his back. Layer of cloth covering him, and underneath that, a layer of protosteel over his actual body. Black is his secondary color, instead of grey.
Powers: None.
Abilities: Can breathe both air and water due to pit mutagen.
Equipment: Two electrically-charged daggers, Patriot Mk III submachine gun, an upgrade from the gun he designed in The Forsaken and Prisonbreak.
Personality: Cold, sarcastic, mistrustful.
Bio: Reordin was a Ko-Matoran blacksmith in a small settlement on Voya Nui, and after the island's sinking, he stayed optimistic. As things started to get worse, though, he began to lose hope. The poor Matoran regained his faith during the time of the Mahri's coming, and he remained happy for a while. After The Infection struck, however, he was left disillusioned with the world, and swore that he would destroy whatever was responsible. After an attack on a fortress his group was staying at, he managed to find an underground tunnel leading into the Cord, and he escaped onto the surface, eventually finding his way to Xia, where he worked as a weaponsmith. He's held a grudge against the Dark Hunters for releasing the virus, and after the Hagah Prisonbreak, he decided he would come and support the prisoners just to stick it to the mercenaries. He was separated from the rest of the group, and due to his experience, he upgraded the Patriot to a Mk. 3 model, which has killed more zombies than any other kind of weapon to this day.

Name: Castor Troy
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Appearance: Skinny and anemic. Rather handsome, with brilliant blue eyes and a charming grin. Leather sheath that holds a beautifully crafted sword with a lapiz lazuli (a stone corresponding with luck) built into a gilded hilt.
Element: Air
Kanohi: Kualsi
Powers: Air powers, including Vacuum.
Abilities: Born leader, smart, tactical genius, and charming.
Weakness(es): Rather cocky.
Weapons and Equipment: Two pistols and sword.
Personality: He's charming, flamboyant, free-spirited, and intellectual. A born leader, with philosophical bursts that can draw in people to lead him to the gates of heck and back. He is driven in the most dangerous kind of way, willing to die or kill in order to meet his end goals.
Bio: Castor Troy was a kid from the streets of Dorian's home island, and the two were pretty close friends until twenty years ago, when Dorian fell out of touch with the rest of his friends. Castor spent time in and out of jail for various crimes with various degrees of guilt attached before a year ago, when he decided to take freelance bounty hunting jobs. He came to Hagah seeking a bit of adventure, but he arrived just in time to be a part of something a hella lot bigger than that. He ended up seperated from Dorian at the end of the Hagah Prisonbreak, and fought his way to a small outpost in Xia, where he stays to this day hunting Infected.


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[14:42:48] @ Legolover-361 : Notice also the Autobot names next to his.
[14:42:54] @ Tyler St. Francis : I know.
[14:43:28] @ Tyler St. Francis : More depressed that the bro who does Fred from Scooby-Doo voices three Decepticons.
[14:43:39] Universalis Oves : XD
[14:44:06] @ Riglax :
[14:44:14] @ Tyler St. Francis : "JINKIES, GANG! WE LOST SHOCKWAVE!"

2 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 1:27 pm

The Shadowed


RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Hualn
Gender: Male
Species: Grazonurus-A species roughly Matoran-height and humanoid covered in plated verdant armor reminiscient of a millipede's, but on a microscopic scale. Their armor is aerodynamic due to the minisculity of its ridges, though, and exude air currents from between its ridges that form a second layer of armor of cutting wind around their wearer about a sixth of a meter thick even as the air is constantly sucked back into the wearer at different ridges to be channeled elsewhere or to breathe. Grazonurus are unable to use Kanohi, having a helm-plate covering their face with a black-tinted visor over the eyes and ears. Finally, Grazonurus have claws on their hands and feet shaped as to not disturb the currents around them.
Kanohi: N/A
Appearance: Hualn is a Matoran-like figure covered in nearly seamless plates composed of a hardened substance similar to keratin, though only as strong as solid protodermis, that is pine green. Two amber eyes glare out from beneath his black-tinted visor fitting onto his helm. Upon his back, Hualn has strapped a huge zweihander, at nearly twice his height in length and as thick as half his torso, width-wise. His hands and feet are clawed, the latter near-perpetually hovering a sixth of a meter off of the ground, only dropping sometimes in combat. He looks to be of medium build, and continuously his image is distorted by the currents moving around him. As well, Hualn is accompanied by a great whooshing and sucking sound at once as he moves about, as though a strong breeze were constantly moving about his area.
Powers: Hualn's air currents are his sole power, although they more resemble a trait for his own inability to turn them off. Due to his species' anatomy, they are governed largely without his control; they move without him being able to stop them, and they constantly 'inhale' and 'exhale' their cutting winds all over his body, resembling highly developed lungs in that function. However, he CAN control the concentration of their inhalation and expiring to certain areas of his body, allowing parts like his claws to become covered in as much as one-third of a meter of air blade armor. Due to this ability to control where he exhales and inhales, he gains control of the air pressure immediately around his body, and can even use sudden inhalation to act as though he had suction cups. He can even journey underwater inside an air bubble, though not indefinitely, due to a need to breathe and pressure. This useful ability gives Hualn a formidable 'first layer of defense' that can be easily morphed into offensive and defensive extensions of his claws and feet to land attacks that would otherwise miss. Finally, the air armor serves a last purpose: It supports and strengthens his body, allowing him to hover and move around more freely, as well as wield his huge blade.
Despite this power's many advantages, though, it has several weaknesses. Hualn often underestimate the power of foes' attacks because of his two layers of armor, which, although allowing him to absorb physical attacks rather well due to the wind slowing down and softening blows, does not work as well against powered assaults. While even then, his blades can deal with wind and even many more solid or wind-based elements, like earth or fire, by cutting them away in their rotation, a skilled fighter can recognize that he often extends much of his armor into his extending his attacks, causing him to lack a first layer of defense valuable surface area on his body. Just as well, he often leaves the soles of his feet or hands particularly vulnerable, as they are the first place he often causes to stop exhaling when extending his appendages in a fight. Finally, no matter how much Hualn extends his armor to cover, it disperses after radiating a third of a meter from his body. This means that he can be easily fooled to cover one area when something is coming towards him at high speed, only to have the object or enemy change course right before the shield and slip around it
Abilities: Hualn has been highly trained in swordsmanship and unarmed combat. He is about as strong as the average toa and fast as one, too; however, his wind armor enhances both those traits to give him above-average speed and strength, though not anything half rivaling the power of a Kakama or Pakari. Due to these traits, his fighting style is bold and dynamic, slipping from swordsmanship to claw swipes to kicks, all bolstered or enhanced with his armor. Hualn often acts almost without care in fights, feeling that his two layers of armor and skill with a sword is enough for most foes, only getting serious if they actually get past his first layer of defense and sword.
Equipment: Hualn wields a zweihander that is the same color as his armor and made of the same material. It has been crafted specially so that air simply glides across it with ease.
He also has 24 hira shuriken made in the same way and of the same material. Although small, they are very sharp and aerodynamic, not to mention light.
Finally, the Grazonurus pilots an attack helicopter. While he is not the best at it, his experience at hovering and flying combined with the time he's had to learn using it allows him to pilot such a vehicle pretty well.
Personality: Hualn is, first off, spontaneous. He becomes bored of routine easily, and is constantly looking for new territory to explore, new opponents to test his skill against. He is highly curious, but often doesn't reveal it, feigning mild impartiality and true arrogance. This mask is only taken off when exploring new opponents' capabilities in battle, if they have managed to bypass his first layer of armor, or when exploring a new area or thing to do. Hualn's mask is partially revealing, though: He is arrogant and overconfident to a degree due to being pampered (see bio). Despite this, he has a hidden sympathetic side, being able to see the good side of many people if he'd only look.
Bio: Hualn was born into a prestigious family of landowners, high-bred aristocrats of his species. Growing up, he became bored with his tedious, orderly life and decided to become a soldier to travel all over the world and fight. He ran away before he finished education and was accepted by an institution of mercenaries, wherein he was taught how to fight and thereafter employed. After hearing of the far-off plight of the Hagah Prison, he grew interested and presented himself to the Piraka. Hualn was promptly hired by Hakann and transported to Norik Island and the Piraka's base. He occasionally gets a nagging feeling that there must be more to life than killing now, after many years of fighting, but dissmisses it easily.
After the events of Prisonbreak, Hualn left the island and went rogue. He stole an attack helicopter from his syndicate and flew it to Dorian. After a short talk, he agreed to ally with the small group and became head of their flying forces.

Name: Garoe
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Crystal
Kanohi: Mask of Possibilities
Appearance: Garoe is the average metru-build toa in terms of make. His armor is constantly shimmering, light catching and refracting within its prisms. His mask is a translucent Great Akaku with a scope, his eyes glowing hazel behind it.
Powers: Garoe has control of all crystals at a toa-level. He also has extraordinary luck due to his mask.
Abilities: Garoe is trained in grappling and knife-fighting, and is a bit stronger and quicker than the average toa. He also is great at driving military vehicles and shooting stuff.
Equipment: (1) Patriot Mk II
(1) Knife
(1) APC
Garoe also owns many other weapons, which are kept inside his mansion at all times. He has more backup weapons within his APC as well.
Personality: Garoe switches between two moods constantly: Calm and reckless. They just about define him. When calm, he is organized, disciplined, and a great leader overall. When reckless, he is emotional, impassioned, and completely liable to charge head-first into situations.
Bio: Garoe is your typical guy from the northern continent...Not. He discovered a toa stone as a toddler and won the lottery a few years later. After building up his own private army with that money and the money from investments and poker he had earned, he lived in a mansion happily ever after...

...And then the zombies came.

With his great luck, Garoe learned how to fight and survive even as many of his soldiers were killed. He now commands a group of APCs carrying what is left of his private army to defend his mansion.

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"Remember me when the sky becomes darkened with danger, seeded with opportunity."

"Remember me when fall the tears that rejuvenate in their sobering."

"Remember me when it rains."

3 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 1:32 pm




Name: Athillion Marik
Prison Alias: Prisoner 51432 "Gerto"
Gender: Male
Species: Toa/Android hybrid
Kanohi: Ruru - Mask of Regeneration; using extremely small nano-robots, his mask is able to restore any form of matter that is not organic or occupied by a living being. However, the mask needs to recharge after prolong use, or after it has been used on a very large amount of matter.
Appearance: Frequents into using his black/silver War Armor; carriers with him various small pieces of salvaged armor, in case he needs to change his appearance quickly. (By using his mask powers to dissolve and recreate armor sets.)
Powers: Earth Power, specialized in Minerals, Sand and Crystal.
Abilities: Agility, quick reactions and experience in mechanics, elemental powers and fighting.
Equipment: A spear that is able to expand and collapse, a dagger, two wielded pistols.
Personality: Little patience, selfish and tolerance. On an occasional basis, Athillion can be friendly, but not always.
Bio: Athillion was captured by a group of people calling themselves "The Mentors", where they reconstructed him into a half-cyborg. He was made to believe he's an assassin from the future, hunting an individual named 'Prisoner One'. He was placed on the Hagah Prison in hopes that he would eventually found him, but escaped with a group of people (see Prisonbreak). After escaping the Island, he found out he has been deceived, and went almost insane, killing Bvinthio (a friend he was travelling with) in the process. Ever since, he's been trying ever to piece his life together. He was driven to the Northern Islands, where he kept several uninfected bases running.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Prisoner One
Status: Unknown

Name: Bvinthio
Status: Deceased (Killed by Athillion)

Name: Flebidre
Status: Deceased (presumably died while on a mission with Moka's mercs)

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4 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 2:19 pm

Dov Kayranslayer


MNI Author

MNI Author
Name: Arzataganfaharan, more commonly referred to as simply Arzatan.
Gender: Male
Species: Skakdi
Kanohi: -
Appearance: Dark-black-colored Skakdi, with precisely half of him covered in severe burns. A long scar stretches from his forehead down straight across his left eye down to his mouth.
Powers: Earth, uniquely for a Skakdi, not in cooperation with another of his kind. It's unclear why - really, it's rather random, he was just born this way.
Abilities: He's something of a tank, using gamer terms. He's very strong and tough, but not much on the agile side.
Equipment: A greatsword with letters in a primordial Skakdi alphabet inscribed on the hilt and blade.
Personality: Arzatan's grim, dark disposition chases most people away almost immediately. However, underneath that rough and rugged exterior, Arzatan actually hides many positive qualities: his friendship is honest to the core, and his loyalty is true to the end.
Bio: Arzatan, having lived all of his life on Zakaz, has seen the terrors of his people. The experiments on them, the disasters that came afterwards; their civil war. All chaos that his people lived through, he witnessed. And suffered for it. As the undead invaded, he fled Zakaz, however. Suffering through this would have ended badly. Real badly.

He fled. And never looked back.


Bow low, you stand before a head crowned.
And you are?
A friend of nonhumans. I have an offer.
I can add several more heads to this one, all crowned.

Go on.
I want no gold, and have no interest in a killer's fame.
Why do you wish them dead then?
It's a long story.
Prepare to fight, and ready yourselves to avenge your fallen king!
King or beggar, what's the difference? One
d'hoine less.
I'm no avenger of orphans. No executioner for hire.
I'm a witcher.

5 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 8:14 pm




Name: Nova
Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Fire
Kanohi: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed
Appearance: Nova is average height for a Toa and slim. His armor is light blue over silver undertones, making him look a bit like a masculine Toa of Water. His Kanohi Kakama is also light blue. His eyes are a golden yellow; they dim when he's distracted and brighten when he's emotionally charged. He wears a tattered black cloak, minus the hood.
Powers: Fire
Abilities: Nova is a veteran swordsman and very good at knowing when and how to utilize his Kanohi Kakama, with the result that his hand-to-hand fighting is top-notch.
Equipment: Sword with long hilt
Personality: Years of training and fighting have gifted Nova with an impeccably cool head; in all but the most threatening situations, Nova can still think calmly. He's quiet but not a loner. He prefers to stick with what's comfortable.
Bio: To be written later.

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6 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 23rd November 2011, 10:50 pm



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member
Name: Ikod
Gender: Male
Species: Skrall-like being, only orange-green in color. (And without the annoying Skrall helmet)
Kanohi: Kanohi Suletu
Appearance: A foot shorter than an average Toa, he is primarily light orange in color, with green streaks over his armor here and there. His left eye is patched up, due to an accident that he has no memory of.
Powers: Stone
Abilities: Is incredibly physically strong, and extremely skilled in the art of the sword and all types of melee combat. He also has photographic memory, but has no recollection of his time before Hagah Prison, ironic.
Equipment: A simple blade, strong and able. He has also held onto his old firearm from the days of the Prison Riot; a Lancer-- basically a powerful machine gun with a working chainsaw mounted to the front end of it.
Personality: Talkative, and friendly to anything that isn't a zombie or otherwise infected. If you'll be his friend, he'll be yours, and in the MU, teamwork is what kills.
Bio: Ikod is one of the few survivors from Hagah Prison, and he is not sure if the others even survived the five year apocalypse. Despite his incredible memory, he cannot recall a single thought or feeling that came before his time in prison. All he knows are his friends (and he isn't even certain of them) the lessons prison taught him, and the gun in his hands; nothing else matters but his own survival. (And any who he meets that is not Infected)

Name: Yghari
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Kanohi: Kualsi
Appearance: A tall golden and white Toa, who wears a white robe (think Assassins Creed) that covers basically all of his body but his face, and even that is hidden to some degree.
Powers: Plasma
Abilities: Excellent Marksman, and is quick with a blade, he is not so great at fighting with naught but his hands, however, and normally relies upon weapons for his survival.
Equipment: A thing longsword that has been known to cut through bone and flesh(very effective at ending zombie life), and dual pistols that he hides... somewhere.
Personality: Yghari is mostly silent, and normally goes out of his way to defeat the zombies. He'll aid someone who is not Infected if they do require assistance, but he won't let anyone follow him around like he's some kind of guardian.
Bio: Yghari was a survivor of the Prison Riot, and was a bounty hunter sent there by the Brotherhood to kill off the Skakdi who ran Hagah State Prison. He failed his job, and his group was split apart, each man going off in his own direction. He left for the closest inhabited island that hadn't been (completely) taken over by the Infected, which was Xia.

Name: Skarloth
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: None
Appearance: A short red and black matoran, withe the red being his primary color, and the black being streaks over his figure similar to smoke. He has green eyes, despite the massive amount of red, and another outpoint is that his teeth appear to be as sharp as a Takea's.
Powers: None
Abilities: Extremely physically able, he has taken on more than one Toa in his life and won.
Equipment: Two electrically charged blades, which he can apparently control at will.
Personality: Skar has been hardened to stone over the many years that he spent in the Pit, paired with his time on Hagah, and now five more years of a war on the Infection. It has truly made him an animal. If he were to find another person, he would most likely be on guard until they either left, or he was able to escape, his sense of awareness is through the roof, and he no longer trusts anyone.
Bio: Skarloth started as a Matoran on the Southern Continent, living in a village of fire that just so happened to be on what would later become Mahri Nui. When the islands broke away from the Continent, Skar was one of the first to regain his bearings, and establish some order in the chaos. With no Toa to guide or protect them, nor any elders of any kind, it was up to the Matoran themselves to survive the land they had come in to. The Pit was unforgiving, taking lives left and right for years until they managed to gain some control on their situation.

Then, a miracle, Toa arrived, in the flesh, to help them. The Toa immediately improved everything about the city, security, morale, even scavenging had become much easier. When all seemed as if it would be alright, that there would be no more deaths or tragic accidents, the biggest of all came along; the Infection. They struck hard, and fast, breaking through the defenses easily and Infecting the people-- but the population fought back, Skar, along with the Toa and many Matoran, fought back against the Infection for many years.

But they finally lost, it had taken time, but the Infected had finally claimed most of the Matoran population, and all of the Toa that had come. When the remaining Matoran fled, they changed, adapting to their new surroundings, and running from the Infection wherever it was. For some reason, Skarloth survived all of it, all the fighting and running, and none of his Matoran companions did. Not long after Skar was alone, fighting by himself, and running from everything, he met Ikod.

Ikod was as tall and strong as a Toa, but was a Matoran originally; he had been mutated by the waters of the Pit. Ikod and Skarloth joined forces, fighting against the Infection, and slowly making their way westward. In just a few months, they met up with others, one of which was Reordin, a Matoran like Skarloth and Ikod, who was also running form the Infection. Others also joined the group, fighting their way slowly toward a safe haven in the west.

After reaching this safe haven, they realized it was not so safe as they had believed, the Infection found them, driving them out of the Pit, and essentially splitting them up; Ikod died in the process.

Skarloth was once again alone, traveling aimlessly. But, he was on the surface, and he could find civilization; and that he did. However, it was a Prison that he found, a Prison at war with itself. There, he found Reordin, and another of the former group by the name of Cipher. Apparently the prisoners had begun a large scale Riot, and had basically destroyed the prison. Skar, Reordin, Cipher and the group of Prisoners were all attempting to escape the island, but they never were able too. And there was one good reason to that; the Infection had found its way onto the surface. Confusion and war followed, immense battle and death; Skarloth managed to escape from the Infection empire once more, and escaped to the island of Nynrah. He arrived on Nynrah five years ago, just trying to stay alive, and thinking of all the others that had been lost in the war.


The Grand Creation...

7 Re: The Vehicle Shop on 22nd January 2012, 9:14 pm



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Daroske Doraxi
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Kanohi: N/A
Appearance: Young (human age 16), and athletically built. He has green eyes and a handsome face, albiet one that bears a cross-shaped scar on the right cheek. Is normally clad in a civilian's clothes, now wearing a ballistics vest over it. Armor is black and silver.
Powers: None
Abilities: Great aim with weapons, and perfect at finding an enemy's weak points. Very analytical. Proficient in all kinds of warfare, ranging from straight up firefights, to assassinations, to demolitions, etc. Also a potent and pragmatic hand-to-hand combatant. In a sense, he is a one man army, able to do nearly everything any soldier may need to.
Equipment: A pistol, A Patriot Mk. II submachine gun, an M89 Thunderbolt DMR, an M56 Grenade launcher (several grenades to use with it), a Combat knife, and Great Spirit knows what else. Some how manages to store all of this on his person completely hidden. Has access to nearly any weapon thanks to connections with the right people.
Personality: Stoic and Taciturn, the Onu-matoran is a no-nonsense man, with a soldier's sense of duty. Not entirely cold, however, he merely is too used to living as a soldier and a survivalist to not need to adjust to normal society.
Bio: Trained to be a soldier from early childhood by his adoptive father, Daroske traveled the world, fighting as a sort of mercenary. When the infection hit, his survival skills left him better off than most.


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