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Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic

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1 Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 17th January 2012, 2:19 pm

Dov Kayranslayer


MNI Author

MNI Author
Now this is the fun part. I won't waste my time, and certainly I won't waste yours, with long introductions that seem to make things cooler when really they don't: here's where you post your profiles. Any GM, that is, me, Raz or Mangai, can monitor them, make sure that they're reasonable. To get this started, here's mine:

Name: Earadril Alephar
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Subrace: Wood Elf
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Silvanus
Equipment: A greatsword, also carries around a few small throwing axes.
Abilities: Earadril is at home in the wilds. He'll never get lost, I assure you so much: he'll use some trick he learnt a hundred years ago, or some tactic that you'd never think of, but he'll get through anywhere without a scratch as long as it's outside the city. Once he's in Neverwinter... expect him to get lost in a moment's notice.
Biography: Earadril is, as unlikely as it sounds, the son of the Kalach-Cha, the Shard-Bearer, Thendor Alephar, who defeated the King of Shadows once and for all, and of his lover the druidess Elanee. Earadril's father died fighting his last battle, while his mother escaped the ruin, and it wasn't long before she found out that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, Earadril was not supposed to have a mother, either; she died during childbirth, leaving Earadril to face the world alone. Fortunately enough, Thendor still had relatives, or foster relatives, anyway; Thendor's foster father Daeghun was the one who raised Earadril, wandering the Sword Coast back and forth with him, until Daeghun, quite unfortunately, died during the Spellplague. Afterwards, Earadril returned north, to Neverwinter, where he, last he knew, still had relatives: Daeghun's brother and nephew. Daeghun's brother Duncan was a retired innkeeper, whose son Eryn now ran his inn, the Sunken Flagon; out of a lack of a better place to go, and a desire to have something he never had - a family - Earadril ended up settling down in said inn.

Now, the BZPRPG system applies: when you post your profile in this topic, you can immediately go and play. If anything's wrong, the GMs will inform you.


Bow low, you stand before a head crowned.
And you are?
A friend of nonhumans. I have an offer.
I can add several more heads to this one, all crowned.

Go on.
I want no gold, and have no interest in a killer's fame.
Why do you wish them dead then?
It's a long story.
Prepare to fight, and ready yourselves to avenge your fallen king!
King or beggar, what's the difference? One
d'hoine less.
I'm no avenger of orphans. No executioner for hire.
I'm a witcher.

2 profile on 18th January 2012, 12:58 am



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Lucian Solaire
Gender: Male
Race: Planetouched
Subrace: Aasimar
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Lathander, God of Dawn
Equipment: Your typical starting paladin gear. Steel Half-plate with golden trim, a medium-sized shield with his family crest (A falcon's wing backed by the sun) emblazoned upon it. He wields a mace of high-quality, gilded steel, a family heirloom known as "Umbrasbane", which is enchanted to deal extra fire damage against evil enemies (if that's too OP then I guess just undead and creatures of darkness.)
Abilities: Has an Aasimar's Darkvision, allowing him to see clearly in the dark to roughly sixty feet. Is also resistant to acid, cold, and electricity. He has sharp vision and keen hearing, again thanks to his heritage. He naturally is wise and charismatic, at least, most of the timer anyway.
Appearance: Tall and strong, he looks mostly human, were it not for his intense golden eyes and the almost metallic sheen to his blonde locks. He is clean shaven, and bears a mark in the shape of Lathander's sun on his right cheek, passable as a tattoo or war paint of sorts. Almost never goes without his armor (it's DnD I can do that).
Biography: Lucian is a member of the Noble House of Solaire, who claim descent from one of Lathander's angels. Far from your typical, pompous, and stuck up nobility, however, the Solaires recognize the value of the common man and his work, and freely mingle with them, often contributing as much to the community as any other being. Lucian is one such member, and is very worldly and experienced in the ways of the average man. He is still nobility by birth, however, and is equally as knowledgable of noble etiquette and the like. Like the rest of his clan, he is a staunch follower of Lathander, the God of Dawn, and even took up the mantle of Paladin in his name. The clan, of course, was very pleased with Lucian, as they see the job of being a Paladin to their patron god as one of the most, if not THE MOST honorable paths for a member to take. With the job came the Code of Honor, which Lucian will follow rather closely. However, he's not above exploiting a loophole in said code when he feels necessary. A kind, proud, honorable, and valiant soul, Lucian is determined to smite whatever evil he comes across, and is always ready to carry out justice as needed.


3 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 18th January 2012, 9:53 pm

The Shadowed


RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Name: Ha'aznoerg
Gender: Male
Race: Planetouched (some would classify him as 'pure-bred jerk')
Subrace: Tiefling
Class: Rogue (has a good amount of wizarding talent but has been unable to do anything with it yet)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Baravar Blackcloak
Equipment: (1) Composite Shortbow-A well-crafted and ornately decorated black bow Ha'aznoerg stole. It functions just as well as it looks if not better. He carries both the bow and a quiver of twenty-four arrows (stolen and thus of excellent quality) for it under his cloak.
(1) Shortsword-The standard shortsword which was only able to be stolen due to its ubiquity. It is of decent make and useful for stabbing, slashing, and hacking.
Abilities: Ha'aznoerg is a great Rogue. While the Tiefling has a ways to go, he is agile, light of hand (and lighter of foot), fleet, and stealthy. He is also a great shot with the shortbow and moderately skilled with his shortsword-he would do better with a knife.
Ha'aznoerg can, as a Tiefling, both see through darkness and create a field of it. He is also resistant to electricity, heat, and cold for the same reasons. His skill as a rogue is upped b race as well.
Appearance: One feels Ha'aznoerg before they see him. An overwhelming sense of wrongness emanates from his body, causing those in his immediate vicinity to feel disturbed and uptight.
Ha'aznoerg smells slightly of sulfur. The strength of this scent corresponds to how emotionally charged he is at a given moment.
The Tiefling looks every bit unnatural. His skin is a very light gray with crimson vessels able to be seen beneath it. His sandaled feet are cloven. Twin red horns have grown from the rogue's temples in a face with startlingly crimson eyes and pointed teeth. Ha'aznoerg's gray hair is down to his shoulders and braided in dreadlocks.
He is robed in gray and wears gloves of the same color. Combined with his sandals, all Ha'aznoerg's body save his neck and head is not exposed to sight. It is under these cloaks that his weapons and other possessions are hidden as well.
Biography: Only two things are widely known about Ha'aznoerg:
1. He was born to a very powerful female demon and a male necromancer human


2. He is quite possibly the biggest jerk this side of Neverwinter.
The cynical Rogue is always looking for opportunities to use his talents, both for survival and for his love of thievery. And he's snarky and apathetic as well. The only things preventing Neverwinter's police force from obtaining the warrant to hunt him down are his stealth and the fact that when foes attack the city, he's sneak attacking-back.


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"Remember me when the sky becomes darkened with danger, seeded with opportunity."

"Remember me when fall the tears that rejuvenate in their sobering."

"Remember me when it rains."

4 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 20th January 2012, 12:40 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
Name: Tillian A'ranthee
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Sharess
Abilities: Tillian has an incredible singing voice, is skilled in many instruments and, unlike many Bards, has honed the ability to read people's thoughts and emotions when they're playing music or singing.
Equipment: Two Fire Kukri - Blessed with innate fire elemental energy by one of the Fire Elementals who keep the River Neverwinter warm after Tillian seduced her. They can fit together into a double-edged, perfectly balanced sword that Tillian wields with lethal efficiency.
Appearance: Tillian while performing in his typical flamboyant outfit.
Biography: Tillian was born to unknown human parentage and basically grew up on his own, since neither of his parents were really there. His years of being coddled by loving foster families instilled in him a love of pleasure and art that survived until his adult years. He's 24 now, and he makes his living doing concerts for drunken nobles and selling his paintings to the highest bidder. His latest, "A City by the Light Divided," earned him a hella payload, and now he's squandering his immense fortune at bars and indulging in flavor of the week girlfriends. He's a bohemian who lives for Dionysian extremes, crafted around rough edges, and he's trying to find a place in a world that really doesn't need another drugged up playboy.

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[14:42:39] @ Legolover-361 : Notice the name Tom Kenny.
[14:42:48] @ Legolover-361 : Notice also the Autobot names next to his.
[14:42:54] @ Tyler St. Francis : I know.
[14:43:28] @ Tyler St. Francis : More depressed that the bro who does Fred from Scooby-Doo voices three Decepticons.
[14:43:39] Universalis Oves : XD
[14:44:06] @ Riglax :
[14:44:14] @ Tyler St. Francis : "JINKIES, GANG! WE LOST SHOCKWAVE!"

5 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 10th April 2012, 6:25 pm




Name: Stro'anco Jan
Gender: Male
Race: Planetouched
Subrace: Aasimar
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Leira
Equipment: Twin war-axes; can be combined to form a large warhammer, bound with the magical ability of granding the user control of force fields.
Abilities: He can master spells regarding any form of gravitational field control.
Appearance: He is tall, silver spiky-hair, and wears a set of specially made dark and red armor.
Biography: A drifter, Stro' Jan lost most of his memory in one of his travels in the Neverwinter Forest. After finding his way to Neverwinter, he has opted to work for anyone who will employ his services to complete tasks that requiere lifting/moving of larges masses.


Cleverbot: Do you like Pinkie Pie?
User: I hate ponies.
Cleverbot: Why would you hate ponies?
User: Because they are made in china?
Cleverbot: True.

6 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 10th April 2012, 10:34 pm




Name: Dane Boris Hardsole
Gender: Male
Race: Halfling
Subrace: Lightfoot
Class: Monk
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Secretly, Leira; openly, Milil
Equipment: A heavy belt with a pure gold belt buckle; Dane is immensely proud of it. A sword with a diamond embedded in its hilt, just below the blade, another of Dane's prized possessions.
Abilities: Has mastered the martial art Drunken Master, though he uses it little. Is an average fighter in mixed martial arts. His size and stoutness bely his quick, viper-like movements. Has rudimentary sword skills, just enough to keep him alive.
Appearance: Curly dusty brown hair. Very barely pointed ears. No facial hair. Somewhat on the stout side, his slightly overweight frame belying his great dexterity and flexibility. Five feet tall, unusually tall for a halfling. Generally wears a tan, buttoned vest over a white, collared, long-sleeved undershirt. A shirt of mail is hidden underneath both shirts. His night wear is a sort-sleeved undershirt covered by his shirt of mail, both underneath a black cloak that conceals both his face and his weapons.
Biography: Hardsole is a member of what was once one of the richest halfling families in Neverwinter. However, his father fell into the trap of gambling and so squandered half the family's fortune. He was eventually caught and put in jail; the remaining free family members squabbled amongst themselves for what little remained of the fortune before splitting with their shares of money and leavng for other districts or villages. Dane remained in his father's house, stuck with one of the smallest shares of his family, and since then has spent half his time selling and buying wares, one-fourth of his time pickpocketing and swindling others, and the remaining one-fourth getting stone-drunk.

User: You know, I need sleep.
Cleverbot: You don't sleep.
User: Do you watch me?
Cleverbot: When you sleep.

[21:17:07] @ Legolover-361 : Ads, you do realize that if I came, I wouldn't eat what a stranger baked anyway, right? Tongue
[21:17:22] @ Tyler St. Francis : But you'd eat what I baked, right bro?
[21:17:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:24] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:30] Aderia : left
[21:17:41] @ Tyler St. Francis : dead center

7 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 11th April 2012, 12:23 am



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
all dese Chaotic Neutrals




8 Re: Neverwinter Nightfall Profile Topic on 11th April 2012, 10:07 pm



RPG Forum Staff

RPG Forum Staff
Also, Rig, that profile of yours could use some work.

Magic does not work that way.

'Specially if you're a cleric.

Also that weapon seems a little wierd. I'll let it slide for now, but if research determines that it's a load of bollocks, well...


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