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Welcome to the Mata Nui Incorporated and Plast! Productions forums. We're two organizations composed of enthusiastic teenagers who want to entertain others. We all want to do stuff, whether it is making websites, creating publications, performing experimentations, and philosophize. Our current focus is to provide fun content for LEGO fans, while reviving interest in the BIONICLE fanbase as well. Here's a few links to get you to know us better:

Mata Nui Inc and Plast! -- Who are we and what we do

All our available content and publications can be found on KanohiJournal Publications ( More links on our specific projects can be found in the menu bar or the link that was provided above.

If you are looking to apply as a potential member, please contact us on or You can as well join the forums and contact one of the administrators for a job application.

Thank you,

The Administration

A meeting was held on Saturday March 24, at approximately 10:00 PM EST. The highlights of the meeting have been posted at the aforementioned link. If you have time, please review the meeting highlights.
We need judges for Lesovikk's Hiatus, which has now returned as a fanon contest. Apply here!
Get cracking quickly for now Altum Bellum chapters can be claimed right here.
The Grand Creation serial, part of the Ancient Chronicle saga has been completed. Shortly the serial will be uploaded to KJP -- a big thank you to all the contributors!
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Mata Nui Inc | Plast!

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1 Mata Nui Inc | Plast! on 4th July 2012, 5:55 pm




Mata Nui Inc and Plast! Productions
New Member Guide

Welcome to Mata Nui Incorporated and Plast! Productions. This is an introduction to both organizations, their relation, and their projects. In a nutshell, Plast! Productions and Mata Nui Inc. are two partnered organization composed of enthusiastic teenagers who want to do a variety of stuff.

Let's get into detail about these organizations, and who does what. Let's explore Plast! Productions first, then Mata Nui Incorporated.


Plast! Productions

Mata Nui Incorporated

Mata Nui Inc and Plast! Forum

Other Reference Topics

Rules and Guidelines


Other Websites

Plast! Productions Website

KanohiJournal Publications

Mata Nui Inc | Plast!

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St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
Plast! Productions


The key to understanding Plast! Productions (“Plast!” for short) is to use your imagination. Imagine a bunch of teenagers from all over the world. They all want to do stuff, whether it is making websites, creating publications, performing experimentations, philosophize. Whatever. Now, imagine them congregating on one organization, and that’s Plast! Productions for you.

Confused? Well, basically, Plast! is a bit of everything. It is depended on whatever we, the members of Plast!, wants to do, as opposed to a single aim or set of principles which most organizations bind to. Maybe we want to be professional, or maybe not. Maybe we want to talk about weird wacky things like whether cannibalism is actually wrong or not, or maybe publish a thesis on quantum physics. Maybe we want to make a huge website for a famous person, or maybe create a forum for a secular society to talk about ponies. Why do we do it? Because it’s a heck load of fun.

In cyberspace, Plast! Productions also works towards providing entertainment services primarily through websites. In particular, the KanohiJournal Brand section of Plast! Productions aims to provide high-quality entertainment and active projects participation by young adults and children around the world.

Stuff We Do

Plast! Productions provides a variety of websites and projects for both LEGO and BIONICLE fans.

Our Portfolio (Stuff We Do)

(click for more details)

It started out with two boys across the Pacific Ocean, with the idea of creating an electronic fan magazine for BIONICLE fans. Now, we want to make things not just for BIONICLE fans, but for LEGO fans as well - Stuff like games and RPGs, stories, tutorials and ebooks. To achieve this, we have two groups of people working as one team: the original KanohiJournal staff and Mata Nui Inc.

Due to declining interest in the BIONICLE fanbase, the KanohiJournal articles along with KANOHI.novus and Chronicles, KanohiJournal was overhauled into KanohiJournal Publications. Leading the new KanohiJournal now focuses on fan projects, two of which are made by Mata Nui Inc., a fan organization releasing media with the goal of entertaining LEGO fans and continuing BIONICLE's legacy. This new format also includes a blog to continue KanohiJournal articles, with various columns planned in the future.

Solis Magna and Solar System, and Worldscape are the two fan-projects produced by KanohiJournal's former staff (Plast! Staff), to be published on the brand new KanohiJournal Publications website.

(click for more details)
Published and produced by KanohiJournal Publications of Plast! Productions, The Solis Magna and Solar System guide is the first ever, full-scale BIONICLE e-book written, designed, organized and published purely by BIONICLE fans. It is a completely exploration of all the magnificent locations within the BIONICLE Universe.

The Solis Magna and Solar System (SMSS for sort) will attempt to explore the locations within the BIONICLE universe. The first part of this guide will bring you summaries of the Matoran Universe locations, while the second part will detail the planet of Spherus Magna. The third part will see the inclusion of Aqua Magna, the origins of the BIONICLE story, and its sister Bota Magna. It will also go beyond the realm of canon and into the solar system itself, with information and properties of the other planets of the system and Solis Magna itself. A combination of these three volumes will also be released.

(click for more details)
Worldscape RPG (Worldscape) is a new 'Worldbuilding' role-playing game, where you collaborate with others online to construct a new, imaginary world, and help fill it by creating rich characters, settings, stories and so on.

Worldscape is the ultimate fanfiction. Collaborating with other participants, through a blend of totally open discussion and raw imagination, you will create a vast world. You will outline it and paint it and fill in the details and create a truly lifelike world. Your voice will not only be heard, but be magnified--the process is designed to have preposterous amounts of fun, and in such a way that each individual will have a massive, significant impact on the world. Your mark will be left, and you will be part of the Worldscape legacy.

While the main Worldscape game is intended for a more mature audience and does not have a specific subject or area, KanohiJournal Publications will be collaborating with the Worldscape team to bring you a special version of the game called Worldscape Bricks. This version of the game is made with teenage fans of LEGO (TFOL) in mind and will strive to reinvent an existing LEGO storyline, giving it a fresh new experience and allowing imagination run wild on familiar settings. You can join the private BETA on the website.

(click for more details) (BC.m for short) is a brand new network of web content for LEGO fans around the world. Look out for wikis, guides, services and communities, made by fans for the fans. sites will be progressively introduced between 2011-2013, starting with The Ninjago Wiki. You can subscribe to our mailing list to keep up with the latest progress by going to our website.

(click for website)
The Ninjago Wiki is a reference site for all content related to Ninjago, and it is part of the LEGO Fan Hub. The Wiki boasts articles, guides and more on Ninjago, the popular LEGO franchise.

More About Us (Staff List)

Plast! Productions Executive Management

Bioran23 (Plast! Executive Chairman)
Tyler St. Francis (Plast! CEO)
Purmou (Plast! CIO)

KanohiJournal Publications Board

Tyler St. Francis (Plast! CEO) KJP Co-President
Celu (MNI Board Chairman) KJP Co-President
Purmou (Plast! CIO)
Riglax (MNI CEO) KJP Advisor
Legolover-361 (MNI COO) KJP Advisor
The Dark Hunter (MNI Board Vice Chairman) KJP Advisor
Lord Nektann (SMSS Head) KJP Advisor
Rahkashi KJP Webmaster

Other Staff

Lord Nektann (Solis Magna and Solar System Executive)
Rising Moon (Worldscape Executive)
Bioran23 ( Executive)
Meiko (The Ninjago Wiki Outreach Staff)

3 Re: Mata Nui Inc | Plast! on 4th July 2012, 7:33 pm




Mata Nui Incorporated


Mata Nui Incorporated ("Mata Nui Inc." or "MNI" for short) on the other hand, is an internet-based organization currently under sixty percent ownership of Plast! Productions, made up of LEGO and BIONICLE fans. We are working hard to provide entertaining content for LEGO fans, while continuing BIONICLE's legacy primarily through downloadable content and websites. Like Plast!, Mata Nui Inc is also composed of enthusiastic teenagers who wish to entertain others.

Currently, Mata Nui Inc. is focused on it's partnership with Plast!, whom together they run and operate the fan-made publications website, KanohiJournal.

Stuff We Make

Mata Nui Inc.'s projects include Ancient Chronicle (formerly Bionicle: Untold), a project centered around exploring BIONICLE's distant past through four story serials, and various other media, such as podcasts, eBooks, Audiobooks, wallpapers, and even more downloadable content based on the serials.

Ever wondered about the Toa Mata's true origins? Awakenings is a webcomic divided into two series that follows the legendary team of Toa before their launch into the Aqua Magna ocean following the Great Cataclysm. Divided into two series, Awakenings will be a webcomic produced by Mata Nui Inc, and released as a part of KanohiJournal Publications.

Finally, Mata Nui Inc. will produce it's own, unique soundtrack to be published on iTunes. Songs used on our projects and remastered versions of classic Bionicle music from MNOLG, MNOLG II and other games will also be included.

Stuff We Make (In Detail)

(click for more details)
With the goal of sustaining fan interest in the BIONICLE community, Ancient Chronicle is an interactive project produced by Mata Nui Inc. for KanohiJournal Publications. Everyone is welcomed to contribute to the various aspects of the project by offering ideas, feedback and participating in the process of writing stories and developing content.

While many projects have storylines which focus on current events in the BIONICLE story, or envision future ones, Ancient Chronicle focuses on the past. It is the first large-scale project to create stories based on the history of Spherus Magna and its inhabitants, from well before the Core War. Four fan-made, non-canon (yet strictly followed by it) story serials (Origins, Altum Bellum, The Grand Creation, The Price of Jealousy)will be published through KanohiJournal. All stories published will be available in e-Book and audiobook format, allowing the stories to be available offline and on every device, ranging from desktop PCs to mobile devices. A special multi-voiced podcast, Their Mistake will also be produced, along with plans for additional media based on serials, such as wallpapers and 3D models of the characters, and MOCing instructions for the fans to enjoy building the characters.

(click for more details)
Awakenings follows the legendary team of Toa before their launch into the Aqua Magna Ocean following the Great Cataclysm. Divided into two series, Awakenings will be a webcomic produced by Mata Nui Inc, and released as a part of KanohiJournal Publications.

In the first series, the Toa Mata are awakened for the first time and learn what it means to be a Toa. Trained by Hydraxon, they will be embark on deadly missions and engage in various challenges in order to discover and master their powers. After completing their training, for the first time the Toa Mata will learn what it means to work as a team—and to respect the Three Virtues. The second series will see the Toa Mata in Karda Nui, where they will have to protect the resident Matoran workers and prepare to fulfill their destiny. Unfortunately, by-products left by the laborious preparations to launch Mata Nui, the Avohkah, go on rampage and try to prevent Mata Nui's launch by killing the Av-Matoran. The Avohkah are sentient creatures made of pure lighting energy, and the Toa Mata must figure out how to stop them in a race against time, in the Time Before Time!

(click for more details)
Mata Nui Inc.'s unique soundtrack will contain remastered classic BIONICLE songs, but also original BIONICLE-themed tunes. This album will be published on iTunes

The Mata Nui Inc. Soundtrack (MNIS for short) is a collection of themes, mainly based on MNI's various projects. This soundtrack shall be published on iTunes. While most of the sounds are related to our projects and organization, the MNIS will also contain remixes of classic Bionicle themes, such as those in MNOLG, MNOLG II, and others.

Our Faces (Staff List)

Mata Nui Inc. Executive Management

Riglax (MNI CEO, MNI Creative Writing Leader, Ancient Chronicle Project Manager)
Legolover-361 (MNI Chief Operations Officer, MNI Music Leader, MNI Soundtrack Leader)
MNI Chief Process Officer (Open Position)

Mata Nui Inc. Board of Directors

Celu (MNI Board Chairman, KJP Co-President)
The Dark Hunter (MNI Board Vice Chairman, Awakenings Creative Director)
Skarloth (MNI Honorary)
GoldenTahu (Their Mistake Sub-Project Manager)

Mata Nui Inc. Division Management

MrSciFiGuy (MNI Voice Acting Leader)
MicroSnipe (MNI Music Leader)
Riglax (MNI Creative Writing Leader)
Legolover-361 (MNI Music Leader)
The Warrior of Jupiter (MNI Music Leader)
Sparky (MNI MOCing Leader)
The Dark Hunter (MNI Conceptual Art Leader)

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