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RPG Planning Topic

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1 RPG Planning Topic on 27th August 2011, 2:25 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO
Post your RPG ideas here so that our veteran group of a-holes RPers can give you ideas on what to improve on or get rid of.



[14:42:39] @ Legolover-361 : Notice the name Tom Kenny.
[14:42:48] @ Legolover-361 : Notice also the Autobot names next to his.
[14:42:54] @ Tyler St. Francis : I know.
[14:43:28] @ Tyler St. Francis : More depressed that the bro who does Fred from Scooby-Doo voices three Decepticons.
[14:43:39] Universalis Oves : XD
[14:44:06] @ Riglax :
[14:44:14] @ Tyler St. Francis : "JINKIES, GANG! WE LOST SHOCKWAVE!"

2 Re: RPG Planning Topic on 27th August 2011, 2:30 pm




Here's the WIP backstory for my RPG. Key word: WIP.

* * *

It’s been a long, long while since Tuyet gained control. Only the Dark Hunters and Brotherhood of Makuta dare to stand up to her, retreating to the far-southern islands to make a defensive stand with rebel Toa, Matoran, and Skakdi. They have been hiding there and preparing for a decade now; no one knows what they are plotting, and spies sent down to the far south have never returned.

However, the majority of Toa and Matoran, as well as the Vortixx (to whom Tuyet gives a handsome payment per weapon), work and live under the flag of the Toa Empire. The Empire spans all of the northern areas of the Matoran Universe, reaching as far south as Artidax, where Miserix is currently being held under constant watch.

In an effort to increase her military presence, Tuyet set up a mandatory draft for all Toa. They would get medical statements from the best doctors in the Toa Empire and, based on those statements, either be accepted into one of the many growing branches of the Empire’s army or rejected. Over the course of a century, Tuyet realized the numbers of the “Rejected”, as they were called, could be significantly troublesome to her Empire. Thus, two years ago, she set up a Rehabilitation Center for the Rejected, known more commonly as the RCR, in the middle of the Northern Continent.

From the outside the RCR looks like your standard building for the disabled: white walls, friendly-yet-persistent guards. There’s even good-tasting food for the Rejected. But looks, as everyone knows, can be deceiving; for within the building, the Rejected sleep on hard concrete floors, in a dark room with faulty lighting.

Tuyet’s philosophy? Malcontent, disabled or worn-down Toa can do nothing to her.

But a year ago she went further. Vortixx and Skakdi were forced into the draft. Other warrior species soon joined them. The RCR grew exponentially, becoming not one large building but four. And then a fifth building was built for dangerous weapons and armor testing. After all, who better for testing than warriors already proven to be disposable?

The Warden, a Toa himself, does not agree at all with Tuyet’s Empire. On top of that he believes he isn’t being paid as much as he should. And thus, secretly, he will travel to the various RCR buildings on various nights, helping to set up secret training fights between Rejected. Common opinion is he wants the Rejected’s help with getting to the rebellion in the south. Common opinion probably isn’t too far off.

That should be all the back-story you need. I’m Khar. With my one right arm I welcome you to the ranks of the Rejected.

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User: You know, I need sleep.
Cleverbot: You don't sleep.
User: Do you watch me?
Cleverbot: When you sleep.

[21:17:07] @ Legolover-361 : Ads, you do realize that if I came, I wouldn't eat what a stranger baked anyway, right? Tongue
[21:17:22] @ Tyler St. Francis : But you'd eat what I baked, right bro?
[21:17:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:24] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:30] Aderia : left
[21:17:41] @ Tyler St. Francis : dead center

3 Dissidence on 27th August 2011, 4:02 pm

St. Francis


Plast! CEO

Plast! CEO




Metru Nui. A place where the sun is silent.

I suppose it began when the democratic elections we once prided ourselves on ceased. Turaga Dume declared himself king and abolished the Senate, which didn't really bother us at the time. It was stupid of us, we later knew, but Turaga Dume was like a father to us, and taking that into consideration, we did nothing. Slowly, though, the beings who had once populated the streets with such diversity, such life, had been brainwashed. They were idealists, arresting someone for so much as making a dirty joke in a public area. I know a guy who personally stood outside the police station and tied an RC helicopter to his-well, you get the picture. He's serving twenty years in prison now...or was, before they found him hung in his own cell due to "suicide." You get a lot of that in Metru Nui.

My name is Jolek Highwind, and I was a martial artist/all-around funny guy who wandered around Metru Nui looking to do whatever I could in the name of SCIENCE. After the crackdowns and the growing tyranny, though, I started to lay low. One night, after I heard about a friend's death in a holding cell, I went to a bar to drink away my problems.

This is the part where I meet Castor Troy.

Castor was skinny, tall, brash, charismatic, handsome, funny, and too damn fearless for his own good. He wasn't held down by the limits of normal life; rather, he saw beyond all that and could almost predict the future based on a single choice, weighing the consequences in a quarter of a second. His philosophy in life was that anyone could beat the crap out of him at any time, but the stupid bastard on the giving end of the punches couldn't kill him, because of the two of them, Castor Troy was the one with nothing to lose.

Anyway, Castor and I got to talking about the state of things, growing a friendship of sorts and we were about to leave before Castor punched me in the face in an alcholic brain fart of sorts. Now, being the upstanding martial artist that I am, I couldn't have that. So Castor and I ended up getting into a fight, one that left us both bloodied and moaning in the parking lot. A couple of others came and started their own fights. Most sensible people would consider this the part where you stumble home and try to steel yourself for the hangover. But Castor Troy wasn't sensible, especially when said hangover hit.

He bought the bar with all of his life savings and invited all his friends, many of whom had actually survived prison (no small accomplishment these days) and we started up a fight club in the basement of that dingy Ta-Koro bar. Several others began doing the same thing and reporting to Castor, and in two weeks, we had raised a small army, which he later confided to me was part of a mega birthday present to himself.

He's announcing the purpose of his "present" tonight at the original fight club. He's invited me, his best friend, to help him co-lead whatever it is. Thing is, I dunno if I really want to...

-Jolek Highwind

Welcome to Dissidence, an atypical resistance game. You see, you won't be fighting with bullets or least, not mainly.

You'll be fighting with humor.

That's right. Your job is to stretch the ruling party of Metru Nui thin with the stupidest crap imaginable, bribe or take out as many cops as you can and show the people that they don't have to be afraid. The goal isn't to win, though that would certainly be great; no, the main goal is not to lose.

You'll be fighting cops, Vahki, and in some situations, yourself. But if you can pull it off, you'll be a legend.

Of course, all legends have to die sometime, right?

Fight Clubs

There are several fight clubs in each Metru. The leader of each fight club is a member of a committee that is based in the center of each Metru, each representing the opposite of that Metru's core value.


Any member of a fight club can fufill any kind of assignment related to these six committes, but they have to be approved by a majority of each commmittee. After all, Metru Nui is a democracy, right? The only people who can fufill an assignment without approval from the committees are Castor and Jolek. Either of the two can veto any decision made by a committee.



[14:42:39] @ Legolover-361 : Notice the name Tom Kenny.
[14:42:48] @ Legolover-361 : Notice also the Autobot names next to his.
[14:42:54] @ Tyler St. Francis : I know.
[14:43:28] @ Tyler St. Francis : More depressed that the bro who does Fred from Scooby-Doo voices three Decepticons.
[14:43:39] Universalis Oves : XD
[14:44:06] @ Riglax :
[14:44:14] @ Tyler St. Francis : "JINKIES, GANG! WE LOST SHOCKWAVE!"

4 Re: RPG Planning Topic on 28th August 2011, 11:35 am




I'll be saving Will of the Rejected for later, methinks. Instead, I'll use this new RPG I've come up with. Enjoy.

* * * * *

Not the best-sounding message to send to you all, but it’s all I have.

Know that a virus is infecting Techna’s SCPU. Know that I can save the SCPU by downloading the virus into my own body. Know that in my last moments I am thinking of you, fellow Toa Techna.

Hunt down the hackers. Stop them, no matter what the cost. I know you are limited to imprisoning them because of the Toa Code in your hardware, but even so you can make their lives as hellish as possible. For me.


* * *

I’m Torch, Toa of Plasma and deputy leader of the Toa Techna -- well, now leader, I suppose, as our former leader, a Toa of Electricity, Ion, died to save Techna’s mainframe. He downloaded a virus into his own body, and the massive misinformation overload killed him.

But I digress. If you are receiving this cybernet message via your brain implant, you are a denizen of Techna. Read on -- or listen on, it doesn’t matter -- for a review of our current crisis. Your help combating this threat will be invaluable.

And if you’re a hacker... well, be warned: We will find you.

* * *


Fifty years after our population of Spherus Magna, we finally gathered enough technical knowhow to examine the technology within the damaged Matoran Universe. Together with the Glatorian we copied detailed designs and brainstormed how to recreate them ourselves. I was a Matoran then, rather young compared to most; even so I helped construct the first working quantum computer.

I was also one of the first to suggest examining Matoran and Toa themselves. In doing so we discovered how to meld organic and mechanical parts together into one body. Ten years later we created the first synthetic Matoran, one of Fire.

A mere year after the first S-toran (as they were called), we (the Matoran, Toa, Glatorian, Agori, etc.) happened upon a grand plan: to take the Matoran Universe and recreate it into a grand spaceship. Some jumped for the idea; others didn’t. With what help we had, we worked for two centuries on the spaceship.

One thousand years afterward, now one hundred thousand years ago, we finished it, called “all aboard who’s going aboard,” and launched it into space. The starship was dubbed the Techna Nui.

In a large room within the spaceship Techna Nui is the city we call Techna.

During our time in space we have discovered how to create synthetic elements and Kanohi, how to create customized species, and how to link us all together using Techna’s SCPU (Supervisory Central Processing Unit), thus allowing hover-taxis to be driven automatically without crashing, and allowing the Techna Nui to fly itself through space. Now no one remembers who’s a Matoran and who’s an S-toran. I like it that way.

Just recently our SCPU was hacked. The Hackers want us floating dead in space, because they don’t believe we should be influencing the rest of the universe, insignificant as we are. The Technans believe we should continue onward. Some don’t know what to believe.

This is where you come in.

* * *


There are three main districts in our space-city: the Science District, the Information District, and the Denizens District. Citizens can travel between the two as they please, via either hover-taxis or protodermis transport chutes. It’s impossible to enter offices without the proper IDF (Identification Frequency), which can be edited upon promotions and / or job switches.

All of Techna is defended by hovering Automated Defensive Robots, ADRs, armed with energy ball launchers. The robots have arms but no legs and are about as large as a Matoran. When an alarm sounds, ADRs will immediately converge on the area. So don’t try sneaking into places you can’t be. Also, various food business (as well as empty buildings reserved for food businesses) are scattered throughout both the Science and Information Districts.


The largest of the Technan districts, the Science District’s offices deal exclusively with technological advances. Scientists work within closed chambers, working on advanced computer programs and new weapons, masks, and armor.

-Technology Tower:
This is the single manufacturing plant of Techna. It takes up the very center of the Science District, a large cubical base from which extends a skyscraper-like structure. Only scientists with the highest possible permissions may enter.

-Computer Knowledge Center:
Most of the programming for the SCPU is done within this small tower to the lower-left of the Technology Tower. Entry permissions are the same as those for the Technology Tower. It is believed the SCPU virus was uploaded from here; thus, security is doubled.


The Information District includes many database libraries with information on everything from how to create a homemade chocolate cake to how to program in MCL (Matoran Code Language); not all libraries are accessible to the general public, however. There are also cyberprinters based here; many a Technan has gotten popular through publishing a book on the cybernet.

-Security and Defense Library:
This is accessible only to those accompanied by one of the Toa Techna. It includes a complete listing of all previous misdemeanors, including those committed before the Techna launched. It also includes complete schematics for Techna and its defenses.


This includes one hibernation chamber for every citizen. While in this hibernation chamber characters are plugged into a computer, which allows them to move about in a highly-realistic virtual bedroom they may customize any way they wish.

* * *


This is the interesting part. See, it’s possible for citizens of Spherus Magna to contact us via a technology called “quantum entanglement”. Don’t know it? Look it up. We can create a body on the Techna Nui for someone and then, using quantum entanglement, download that someone’s personality into the body.

All one needs to do is fill out this form:

(Male / Female / None)
(if applicable)
(if applicable)
(robotic arm, x-ray eyepiece, arm blaster, shoulder disk launcher, etc.)
(Hackers / Techna / Neutral)

Note that one can’t be a Makuta, a Great Being, a member of Botar’s species, a Baterra, or any Rahi. They can, however, be a Glatorian, Toa, or any similar species; they can even create their own, within reason, of course. Kanohi not allowed are the Mask of Time, Mask of Life, Mask of Light, Mask of Shadow, Mask of Dimensional Gates, Mask of Creation, and Mask of Undeath. Certain implants may be accepted or rejected based on the approvers. Custom Kanohi and elements are allowed with approval.

Note that Techna has its own custom Kanohi and elements. In addition to the normal elements, Crystal, Nucleons (control over protons and neutrons), and Data (ability to adjust data and data flow, and act as a sentient database) also populate Techna.

Special Kanohi include the Mask of Engineering (enhances engineering abilities), Mask of Logic (speeds thought processes tenfold), Mask of Hyperspace (creates a hyperspace storage pocket), Mask of Remembrance (plants memories within other’s minds), and Mask of Time Perception (speeds up or slows down perception of time, including user).

All characters have a brain implant that allows them to communicate with others mentally, either via audio or text (like how you’re receiving this message).

This should be all the information you need to catch the hackers -- or, if you are a hacker, go to ground. It doesn’t matter who you are; know that the hackers aren’t winning this fight. At least, in my opinion.

Torch out.

* * *


These rules are to be followed to the letter. The first two times you break the rules, you will get warnings, both in PMs and in edits to your offending RPG posts. The third and fourth times, your character will be involves in damaging mishaps that set back your roleplaying. The fifth time, you will be permanently banned from the RPG.

Remember to use IC (location goes here) before every in-character post, and OOC after every out-of-character post. For example:

IC (Science District):

“Some place,” remarked the newcomer to himself, gazing around at the buildings.

OOC: My character is open for interaction!

1. All forum rules apply.

2. No god-modding. “God-modding” is when you make your character do something ridiculously over-powered -- for example, calling an asteroid down from the heavens.

3. No auto-hitting. “Auto-hitting” is when you damage another character without giving the other player a chance to post, saying the character dodged.

4. Listen to the RPG staff. They are RPG staff for a reason. Thus you cannot disobey them without reason. The local RPG staff will be playing as the Toa Techna; you can recognize them that way.

5. Remember: You’re playing this to have fun!

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User: You know, I need sleep.
Cleverbot: You don't sleep.
User: Do you watch me?
Cleverbot: When you sleep.

[21:17:07] @ Legolover-361 : Ads, you do realize that if I came, I wouldn't eat what a stranger baked anyway, right? Tongue
[21:17:22] @ Tyler St. Francis : But you'd eat what I baked, right bro?
[21:17:23] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:24] @ Tyler St. Francis : right
[21:17:30] Aderia : left
[21:17:41] @ Tyler St. Francis : dead center

5 Re: RPG Planning Topic on 28th August 2011, 2:03 pm

Dov Kayranslayer


MNI Author

MNI Author

Tales of the Eternal Crystal Magic Fantasy Dragon: The Wrath of the Evil Empire Act I, The Wrath of Bunches of Malevolent Empire-Building Gods

Every thousand years, the Dark Quadrinity of Deities, The Anti-Spiral, Flynn, Stephanie Meyer, and A Nobody return to wreak havoc on the universe.

However, this time, they have returned in a much greater force.

Imprisoning the four magical mysticallike spirits of nature, they fed the spirits' power off into the greatest weapon ever, The Supermegaultraawesomeweapon. But to activate it, they need the ten mystical medallions of great power. To further their goals, they have seized the city of Evil Imperial Capital and built an army of orcs, giant spiders, giant scorpions, giant snakes, giant beetles, wolves, squid, fish that float in midair, gargoyles, golems, carnivorous plants, chimeras, griffons, cockatrices, hydras, minotaurs, burrowing things with big claws, things that can paralyse you, things that can put you to sleep, things that can petrify you, at least twenty different creatures with poisonous tentacles, and dragons. Always dragons.

From Evil Imperial Capital, they set out conquering the world, seizing nine countries consisting of one town each. However, the Prophesies of The Super Mega Awesome Four Nature Elemental Spirits say that as every thousand years, a group of heroes will arise to liberate the kingdoms from the newfound state of Evil Theocratic Empire. They shall banish the Malevolent Gods to the Realm of Twilight, never to return this time.

Hence is why the Malevolent God Flynn devoted his last time of banishment to studying the prophesies and devising a plan. Upon seizing power, he hunted down those he thought possible to be the Heroes of Prophecy, and killed them one by one.

However, a few survived, due to reasons unclear, their long hair probably covering them in their escape.

As The Evil Empire expands, they, called into a righteous war by the imprisoned spirits of nature, must unite the Kingdoms of Pure Goodicity and Light, That Never Have Any Wars Inbetween Themselves Or Do Anything Wrong To Their Citizens, with their Great And Enlightened Absolute Monarchs, keep the Evil Empire from the medallions and destroy it to fulfill the Prophesies of The Super Mega Awesome Four Nature Elemental Spirits.

Serious Explanation
Basically, the point of this RPG is to trololololol and satirize bunches of cliche storylines all over the galaxy. The more cliches and fail plot points you get in, the better you're doing this. Or simplier, it's a humorous RPG.

This might help you often in the game.

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6 Re: RPG Planning Topic on 28th August 2011, 3:11 pm






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7 O YEA. *Trollololo* on 28th August 2011, 8:09 pm



MNI Board Member
MNI Board Member



We thought it would be different, this tournament, we thought it would be more... civilized, you could say. Believe me, this is not a game, this is not jokes and laughs, this is an ongoing war, a fight for survival, bestial, evil, cruel, this is karzanhi in the fullest meaning of the word.

When we entered the game, all six of us, we were expecting a competition, a game, not this, we came so unprepared, it's humorous. We started losing lives right off the bat, and we learned to abuse any and all battle tactics we knew. Then, the worst came, the death of a teammate, one of us had fallen just too many times, ten to be exact, and he stayed down this time, he didn't vanish as was the norm, nor did he reappear in a new body.

We had about three seconds to mourn his death before the next wave came, unsurprisingly, we all fought like beasts... killing rage and elemental powers accompanied by a baleful hate so strong we were on the brink of insanity. As the fight blurred from beginning to end, we didn't even recall the boss fight, the five of us found ourselves stuck in that familiar circular room, with the glowing crystal clear Kanohi in the center sitting upon its pedestal.

As we all slumped to the ground, fatigue paralyzing our bodies, and exhaustion knocking us unconscious in the first few minutes we were there. When we woke up, the Kanohi grew steadily brighter and brighter, and we were suddenly back in the Tunnel, doomed to repeat the process again. None of us can go on; it's gone on too long, long enough that I don't even recall a Time before the Tunnel...

I can't let myself lose confidence, the enemy grows stronger, and the Announcer continues to put people into this game of death, we need to win, we need to finish this game, and destroy the Announcer, and his cruel game.


In this RPG, you fight against three waves of combatants, followed by a boss that always varies in difficulty. You travel through the tunnels, conserving lives, and racking up kills, just trying to survive, basically. The tunnels were made by a madman, nobody knows his name, or how he got the authority to imprison people in his ‘game’ and force them to fight against their will. But that’s not important (yet), what it important, is that you survive the oncoming waves of nasty things that want to eat you alive.


You have ten lives, body armor, weapons of your choice, you can transform into a Rahi, and you have a wrist mounted kill counter. Other than that, you have seven miles to run each day, while fighting all sorts of devilry along the way, three waves to be exact.

Once you get to the end of your tunnel, you enter a large circular arena, where the boss of that particular tunnel you just arrived from awaits. Once (or if) you kill him, you’ll head on into another circular room at the other end of the arena, in which you will get a night’s rest, after that you’ll be teleported to the start of the next tunnel, and the process starts all over again.


Imagine a wooden wheel, eight spokes to this wheel, and each spoke it a tunnel, with the circle in the middle being the boss area. The circle is cut up into eight smaller rooms, each tunnel leading into one of these rooms (which are all blocked off from the others).

Okay, each tunnel (which is at least a half mile in width and height, and six or seven miles long) ends abruptly, with a large circular doorway the leads into the one of the five (or eight) circular arenas. There they combat against a boss, and once they defeat it another circular doorway opens up at the side of the arena on the opposite side of the entrance that leads back into the tunnel.

Once the get through this second doorway, they arrive in a small circular room, with a large circle made up of runes in the middle, pulsing with blue light. In the very center of the room is a pedestal with a crystal clear glowing Kanohi Avohkki sitting on it. It slowly glows brighter over time, and they are teleported to the beginning of the next tunnel in a flash of blue and white light.

A basic idea of the tunnels and the whole makeup of the game location.


You awake in a circular room, five other beings scattered around you, each of them also stirring. You notice the armor covering your body, and the weapon next to you, and a weird device strapped onto your arm… however, before you can even take a look around to see where you are exactly, a circular door opens up in front of you, and as you get up and walk through it curiously, followed by the other five beings, the door slams shut, leaving the six of you to walk further onward into the mysterious field of black rocks…

No rule breakers, everyone here is an experienced Role Player, and knows what I’m talking about. Keep it real, yanno. Oh, and no Kanohi, sorry, but they’re just not here. If it’s too big of a problem, or people don’t like it, then I’ll allow Kanohi at some point in the game.



These rules are to be read, duplicated, and followed, otherwise punishment will ensue.

One: All forum rules apply to this RPG, follow them as if you would follow these rules.

Two: You may not, at any given time in this RPG, disobey the standard way the game is played, if you do attempt to deviate from said way of playing, you’ll be warned once, and after that warning more extreme measures will be taken to stop you. /lolevil

Three: God-modding, auto-hitting, and meta-gaming are all strictly forbidden, you will be warned if you are caught doing so, and punished if further warning it needed. G-modding may sometimes be accidental, and you will get a light warning if the staff is sure it was an accident.

Four: Play fair, even though you are killing everything that isn’t your friend, you still need to play/fight/kill within reason, sense, and logic.

Five: Listen to the RPG staff, yes, even Razgriz.


Three strikes, and you’re out, you get one strike every time you break a rule three times, once you earn three strikes, your character(s) are killed, and you are temporarily banned from the RPG, you’ll return once the staff thinks you’ve had enough time off from the RPG.


These punishments affect characters only, and only temporarily, you will be given one punishment if you break a rule more than once.

One: Character is injured.

Two: Character is permanently maimed.

Three: Character loses ability to transform.

Four: Character is killed.

These punishments will be given out depending on the rules broken, and the severity of the breakage, and its impact on the RPG.

And that’s it for now, I’ll work on the kinks and glitches over time, but this is the beef of the RPG. :3


The Grand Creation...

8 Re: RPG Planning Topic on 1st September 2011, 7:40 pm




Scrapping IBD. This is the deal:

"Our last hope is to turn the heck we live in to a paradise. Trust me; this is the Teridax fiasco all over again."


I bet you're surprised there's someone actually giving you something, huh? Listen up clearly mate, I tell you what - in these mines, none will stand up for you. We are all quite fend up with our "liberators" forcing us to mine deeper, just so they can eat and relax back at Spherus Magna, while we die in these mines.

We didn't fought for this lifestyle. They won battles inside that piece of robot junk - our heroes and protectors; Toa, Turaga, the Order of Mata Nui, Mata Nui himself and the list goes on - for us, so we can live peacefully. Let me refresh some of your memory now; we didn't ask for this. Remember the old good days when we were located at the Matoran Universe? darn it, those were the days. Not long after we discovered we were living on a robot, Teridax took control of the known world and flew off.

Something happened out there, something took Teridax down - and it's wasn't all that pleasant - not to mention the robot was destroyed. We emerged into a new world, along with our ancestors and creators. The Glatorian and the Agori. Not so surprising though, their government was - as I say it - useless. Lead by some guy named Ivlok, who had named his 'grant kingdom' Atero.

He decided we weren't worthy of this world, and blasted us into space - after capturing and securing MU technology, all Toa and powerful beings for himself - the madman murdered all great heroes and Toa teams. We found ourselves into a new world. Soon after we landed, spaceships and all shorts of gizmos landed, claiming the island and calling it Santray.

Now, it's been over 4,000 years since we saw the light of Solis Magna. We were forced to mine deep underground in this world, digging deeper and getting out with all shorts of metals. Nevertheless, it isn't just metal. It seams some ancient temples are located inside the ground. When we uncovered some short of nanotechnology, the Atero soldiers salvaged it. After quite a while, it seams like the technology was mastered - we were enhanced with nanites, adding us all shorts of abilities. We thought they finally would do something for our benefit. We were fools. They tested that stuff on us; miners started getting corrupt all over the place, running through tunnels and temples, driven mad by something. They killed anything on their sight.

What do I say? It's a lotta crap mate. Elius, the Atero general responsible for this island has forced us to sleep into the tunnels we mine. We don't even have barracks, food, or even a darn place to sleep. Many of you haven't left the tunnels for years now.

So, what are we doing? We are rebelling. All we got is this piece of rock, might as well drive off everyone out of it, and make it for our living. Delete this recording as soon as you get it, but don't drop this device. It can sent and receive audio logs, something you will need to take instructions. Take a quick look at the handbook; it has all the info you will need to jump into the new Order of Mata Nui and free your species. Await my call.

-Atherac, Mine E34



To be Added

Order of Mata Nui
To be added

Heavily Nano-enhanced Miners
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- Faction Regions -

Santray Mining Complex
To be added

Atero Central Command Tower
To be added

The spherical dome-like mysterious temples are scattered all over the underground tunnels of Santray. Each one of them contains nano technology, the very same technology they are made of. Exploration of the temples has been reduced recently, since a lot of "infected" miners have been clattering up the temples. Be careful once you enter - there might be secrets hidden, but the infected miners won't let you explore casually.

- Neutral Regions -

At least fifty kilometers away from the island of Santray, various small islets can be found. As of now, they are uninhabited and unexplored territory.


Character creation and custom powers




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